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Current Exhibitions



 Fine Arts Faculty from the University of Saskatchewan
Reception: Saturday, October 26, 2PM - 4PM
October 26 - December 5
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Art Placement is pleased to once again host an exhibition of work by the Faculty members in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to teaching and conducting research, the department faculty are also among the leading artists in the province, making work at the forefront of an ever-changing artistic landscape. Their work is diverse and often cross-disciplinary, merging new technologies with established genres, media, and forms. Individually, they have exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally, and their works have been collected by prestigious institutions across Canada and abroad. Featuring new and recent work by Lisa Birke, Jennifer Crane, Allyson Glenn, John Graham, Mary Longman, jake moore, Alison Norlen, Tim Nowlin, and Susan Shantz.


Upcoming Exhibitions



Reception: Saturday, December 7, 2PM - 5PM
December 7 - January 16
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Art Placement is pleased to present this latest exhibition by Lorenzo Dupuis, showcasing his most recent work in egg tempera. For more than a decade, Dupuis has explored egg tempera, interpreting the ancient medium through a modernist lens and abstract aesthetic vocabulary. Bringing together a range of recent works, the title of the exhibition can be read in multiple ways. In one sense, the nature of the medium itself necessitates short, quick strokes, creating a surface of overlapping and interlacing hatch marks that reference threads and woven textiles. In another sense, strands also refers to the variety of stylistic approaches Dupuis has pursued, ranging from representational realism to subtle, all-over fields, and high contrast geometric abstractions. These diverse approaches, all ongoing simultaneously, are the strands that weave together to form the tapestry of his recent production.


Past Exhibitions



 ART NOW 2019
Reception: Thursday, September 19, 7PM - 10PM
September 19 - 22
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The fourth annual Art Now Fine Art Fair will be held in Regina from September 19 to 22, 2019. Art Now is the only show of its kind on the prairies, celebrating the variety and quality of original fine art that Saskatchewan has to offer. Art Now provides an accessible and comfortable fine art experience while showcasing Saskatchewan's commercial galleries and the vibrant visual art industry.



 GREGORY HARDY: Landscape and Memory
Reception: Saturday, September 14, 2PM - 5PM
September 14 - October 24
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Art Placement is pleased to present Gregory Hardy’s latest exhibition, 'Landscape & Memory'. Hardy shares the belief, expressed in Simon Schama’s book of the same title, “...that every landscape--forest, river, or mountain--is a work of the mind, a repository of memories and obsessions of the people who gaze upon it.” The exhibition unveils a selection of brand new paintings inspired by Hardy’s memories and experiences in landscapes near and far, highlighting the introspective and affective dimensions of his approach to the subject. One of the leading landscape painters of his generation, Hardy’s signature style has been exhibited throughout the country for more than forty years.



 Group Show: End of Summer Selections
Reception: no reception.
August 10 - September 12
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Art Placement is pleased to present an end of summer group show to finish off the season. The exhibition offers a delightful and eclectic mix of works for your enjoyment. Featuring new arrivals, recent works, and select pieces by a broad range of gallery artists, including Donald Bird, Robert Christie, Heather Cline, Jordan Danchilla, Lorenzo Dupuis, Terry Fenton, Cameron Forbes, Jonathan Forrest, Greg Hardy, Jane Harington, Clint Hunker, Dorothy Knowles, Sandra Ledingham, Cam McKay, Alicia Popoff, William Perehudoff, Ian Rawlinson, Dawna Rose, Pat Service, and Laura St. Pierre.



 MARTIN BENNETT: When I Can No Longer Play For Time: Shift/Turn/Shuffle/1992-2019
Reception: Thursday, July 4, 5-7PM
July 4 - August 8
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Art Placement is pleased to present “When I Can No Longer Play For Time: Shift/Turn/Shuffle/1992-2019”, Martin Bennett’s debut solo exhibition at the gallery. Bennett studied painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design in the late 1980s and early 1990s, establishing himself as a prominent artist in the Calgary scene. He has resided in Saskatoon for the last 12 years, though he divides much of his studio time between Canada and England. Art Placement is delighted to present this mid-career survey of Bennett’s work, highlighting major series drawn from several decades of his production as well as a selection of new paintings; mature works that are visually striking and introspective, expanding thematically, aesthetically, and conceptually upon the numerous threads woven throughout his past work.



 JONATHAN FORREST: Material Resonance
Reception: Saturday, May 25, 2PM
May 25 - June 27
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Art Placement is pleased to present Jonathan Forrest’s latest exhibition, Material Resonance. The diverse yet cohesive selection of works in this exhibition are the latest creations of an artist whose practice is defined by both an intense focus, clarity, and concentration, as well as a wandering inquisitiveness.



 Artist Spotlight: RUTH CUTHAND

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Saskatoon-based artist, Ruth Cuthand, continues to receive acclaim for her work at home and abroad, with two major exhibitions in Spring 2019.



 Dmytro Stryjek and other Historical Works
Reception: Saturday, April 6, 2PM
April 6 - May 23
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Art Placement is pleased to present an exhibition featuring several newly available works by celebrated naive artist, Dmytro Stryjek (1899-1991), amongst a selection of works by other historical Saskatoon artists including Reta Cowley, Robert Hurley, Ernest Lindner and Leslie Saunders.



 Heather Cline & Edie Marshall: TOURIST/TURISTA, 7 days / 7 moments
Reception: Saturday, April 6, 2PM
April 6 - May 23
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Art Placement is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition between gallery artist Heather Cline and guest artist Edie Marshall.



 formalish: Jordan Danchilla, Steph Krawchuk, Cameron McKay
Reception: Saturday, February 23, 2PM
February 23 - April 4
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Art Placement presents 'formalish', an exhibition featuring the work of three emerging, Saskatoon-based abstract painters: Jordan Danchilla, Steph Krawchuk, and Cameron McKay.



Reception: No Reception
January 12 - February 21
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Art Placement kicks off the New Year with a group exhibition inspired by shades of grey and other muted and monochromatic colour palettes. Featuring works by a selection of gallery artists including Douglas Bentham, Robert Christie, Jennifer Crane, Cameron Forbes, Melvyn Malkin, and Thelma Pepper; guest artists Kristin Bjornerud and Cec Cote; and introducing Martin Bennett, a contemporary painter who splits his studio time between Saskatoon and London. Trained at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Bennett has exhibited his work extensively in Canada and abroad for more than two decades including solo and group shows in Saskatoon, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, and London, UK. Bennett will present a solo project at Art Placement in Summer 2019.


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