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Current Exhibitions



Reception: Saturday, April 22nd, 2:00pm
April 22nd to May 18th
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Just in time for spring, Art Placement is pleased to feature bright and colorful abstract works by Steph Krawchuk. Well known for her stylized cityscapes, portraits, and still-life paintings, Krawchuk’s recent turn towards all-out abstraction is a bit of a departure. Though her work has always played with the fundamental elements of line, shape, and colour, these recent works are now liberated from any recognizable subject matter or representational constraint. Despite the lack of identifiable subjects, Krawchuk does continue to draw inspiration from her immediate environment, distilling her impressions into abstract compositions, rather than literal translations. Working and re-working each canvas in the studio, Krawchuk’s paint accumulates in luscious, textural surfaces, with clean, precise colour. Defying any strict stylistic lineage, her paintings are consistently fresh and unexpected.



 Group Show - Gallery Artists featuring Cameron McKay
Reception: Saturday, April 22nd, 2:00pm
April 22nd to May 18th
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Art Placement presents a selection of recent works by various gallery artists, including Donald Bird, Louise Cook, Lorenzo Dupuis, Nancy Lowry, Joanne Lyons, and Bruce Montcombroux. We are also pleased to feature the work of Cameron McKay, who has exhibited his work in group exhibitions at the gallery in the past. His latest architectural compositions are sculptural paintings that play within the space between the two disciplines.


Upcoming Exhibitions



 SCYAP Urban Canvas 12 Graduating Exhibition
Reception: to be announced
May 20th to June 8th
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Art Placement is excited to take a short break in our regular programming to host SCYAP’s Urban Canvas Graduating Exhibition. Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming Inc. (SCYAP) Urban Canvas Project 12 is a job training program that employs “at risk” youth for a 34 week term, utilizing art training to build confidence, dedication and other skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. This show marks the completion of the program, and offers the participants an opportunity to display the work they completed throughout the year; artwork that speaks to their own artistic vision.



 52N 106W: Measured and Marked - Rodney Konopaki and Rhonda Neufeld
Reception: Saturday, June 17th, 2pm
June 17th to July 13th
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Art Placement is pleased to present Rodney Konopaki and Rhonda Neufeld’s latest site-specific exhibition at the gallery. Working in a range of media including drawing, photography, printmaking, and digital imaging, Konopaki and Neufeld’s collaborative practice is diverse and open-ended. Inspired by urban and natural landscapes in and around the city of Saskatoon, the duo’s latest works expand upon their ongoing explorations into place. In works that bridge visual representation and physical experience, the artists propose multiple and unexpected strategies for visually recording time, space, and geography. Currently based in British Columbia, but with various prairie connections, Konopaki and Neufeld undertook a self-directed residency in Saskatoon in the summer of 2016, collecting the raw materials that would inform their studio explorations. We hope you will join us for the opening reception on June 17th; the artists will be in attendance.


Past Exhibitions



 Fine Arts Faculty from the University of Saskatchewan
Reception: Saturday, March 25th, 2:00pm
March 25th to April 20th
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Art Placement is pleased to host an exhibition highlighting the work of the Faculty in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan. Faculty in the Art Department have been influential in Saskatoon’s artistic community since art classes were first offered on campus. To this day, they remain a critical nexus around which much of the city’s artistic identity revolves and evolves, inspiring the next generation of artists, while connecting and collaborating with colleagues across the country and around the world. As this exhibition highlights, the current Faculty make work that is diverse in media as well as approach; they cross disciplinary boundaries with ease, and incorporate new technologies into work in both traditional and emergent media. Individually, they have exhibited nationally and internationally, and their works have been collected by prestigious institutions across Canada. It is a special treat for us to present their works together for the first time since 2010. Featuring new and recent work by Jennifer Crane, Graham Fowler, Allyson Glenn, John Graham, Mary Longman, Alison Norlen, Tim Nowlin, and Susan Shantz.



 Prairie Abstraction, Modern & Contemporary
Reception: Saturday, February 25th, 2:00pm
February 25th to March 23rd
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Art Placement presents its latest survey of modern and contemporary prairie abstraction, offering one glimpse of the past, present, and future of abstract art in Saskatchewan. Fresh works from established practitioners rub shoulders with the latest offerings from a select pool of emerging talents. As we might expect, aesthetics and intentions are varied, though common ground inevitably emerges.



 Reta Cowley, Clint Hunker, Lorna Russell
Reception: Saturday, February 4th, 2:00pm
January 28th to February 23rd
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Art Placement is pleased to present an exhibition featuring the work of three beloved landscape painters from Saskatoon: Reta Cowley (1910-2004), Clint Hunker, and Lorna Russell. These artists are well known for their unique approaches to landscape painting; however, shared sensibilities also illuminate a dialogue between each of their distinct styles. In addition to their artistic accomplishments, Cowley, Hunker and Russell have also been influential as educators, and their paintings speak to a studied understanding of the Picturesque and Modern traditions of European art. With technical virtuosity and masterful use of colour, echoes of Cézanne and Monet abound. Yet, these three artists are also products of their prairie environment, favouring particular locations, which they have revisited year after year and throughout the seasons. Reveling in the nuance of seasonal changes and capricious weather conditions, each artist blends observation and sentiment in paintings that are intimate and personal.



 GROUP SHOW – Gallery Artists
Reception: no reception
January 4th to January 26th
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Happy New Year! Art Placement is pleased to present a group exhibition to start off 2017, with a diverse range of work by a selection of gallery artists. Featured are two recent series of paintings by Cameron Forbes, who recently returned to Saskatoon following the successful completion of her MFA at Concordia University. Forbes was also recently awarded an honourable mention in the 2016 RBC Canadian Painting Competition, a nation-wide juried contest that supports artists in the early stages of their careers. Her intimately scaled entry, "Maritime Plaza Hotel, Window Set 2", is now part of the RBC collection. Also included in the current exhibition are recent paintings and drawings by Donald Bird, Louise Cook, Lorenzo Dupuis, Kelly Goerzen, Lynne Graham, and Gregory Hardy, as well as select works by Terry Fenton, Dorothy Knowles, Thelma Pepper, Catherine Perehudoff, Rebecca Perehudoff, Dawna Rose, Allen Sapp, and Pat Service.



 NANCY LOWRY - Making Strange
Reception: Saturday, December 3, 2pm
December 3 – December 31
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Art Placement is pleased to present this latest exhibition by Nancy Lowry, an artist who is part of a younger generation tackling the great national tradition of landscape painting. Their unconventional interpretations challenge tradition as a productive and revitalizing strategy that seeks to bring fresh perspective to a familiar and beloved subject. Lowry often prefers to use the term “paintscape” to describe her works, which teeter on the fulcrum between landscape and abstraction. Often intimately scaled, her paintings have a powerful material presence in the heavily-tooled surfaces, strong gestural marks and bold use of colour.



 LORENZO DUPUIS - Writing Worlds
Reception: Saturday, November 5, 2pm
November 5 – December 1
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Art Placement is pleased to present this exhibition of recent paintings by Lorenzo Dupuis. Continuing his experimentation with all-over fields of marks, these latest works incorporate pictorial and narrative elements as well as subtle modulations in density, scale, and tone to produce meditative visual rhythms.



 GREGORY HARDY - Beyond Logic
Reception: Saturday, October 8, 2pm
October 8 – November 3
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One of Saskatchewan’s strongest artistic traditions remains landscape painting. Diverse in approach and style, prairie landscape painters are united by their ability to find something remarkable where others may have seen nothing. Whether this arises from looking more closely or intently, from elevating subjects and focal points that would normally fall outside expected conventions, or through the material alchemy of paint as a medium, these painters have excelled where others have decided not to bother.



Reception: Saturday, September 10, 2pm
September 10 – October 6
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Art Placement is pleased to present Jonathan Forrest’s latest exhibition, Night and Day, a study in difference that also highlights the unexpected relationships between things that are seemingly opposite. As a contemporary painter, Forrest is inescapably invested in the concept of difference; contrast is the arena in which painters have always operated. The dynamism—or calculated lack—in any painting is entirely dependent on contrasts: of light and dark, smooth and coarse, gloss and matte, thick and thin, bright and muted.



 BRUCE MONTCOMBROUX - You are not here
Reception: Saturday, August 13, 2pm
August 13 – September 8
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You are not here is a series of works that explores the possibilities of place or what it means to be somewhere, actual or otherwise, and then the complexity, perhaps impossibility of how this can be determined and acknowledged.



 Donald Bird - Paintings & Drawings
Reception: coffee & tea reception: Saturday, July 23, 2pm
July 16 – August 11
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It has become a tradition for the past several years for us to mount a summer exhibition that steps slightly outside the gallery’s usual programming. Continuing this practice, we are pleased to present the work of Donald Bird, a previously unknown artist who happens to be a resident of the Lighthouse supported living facility in downtown Saskatoon.


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