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Current Exhibitions



 Heather Cline & Edie Marshall: TOURIST/TURISTA, 7 days / 7 moments
Reception: Saturday, April 6, 2PM
April 6 - May 23
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Art Placement is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition between gallery artist Heather Cline and guest artist Edie Marshall.



 Dmytro Stryjek and other Historical Works
Reception: Saturday, April 6, 2PM
April 6 - May 23
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Art Placement is pleased to present an exhibition featuring several newly available works by celebrated naive artist, Dmytro Stryjek (1899-1991), amongst a selection of works by other historical Saskatoon artists including Reta Cowley, Robert Hurley, Ernest Lindner and Leslie Saunders.


Upcoming Exhibitions



 Artist Spotlight: RUTH CUTHAND

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Saskatoon-based artist, Ruth Cuthand, continues to receive acclaim for her work at home and abroad, with two major exhibitions in Spring 2019.



 JONATHAN FORREST: Material Resonance
Reception: Saturday, May 25, 2PM
May 25 - June 27
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Art Placement is pleased to present Jonathan Forrest’s latest exhibition, Material Resonance. The diverse yet cohesive selection of works in this exhibition are the latest creations of an artist whose practice is defined by both an intense focus, clarity, and concentration, as well as a wandering inquisitiveness.



 MARTIN BENNETT: When I Can No Longer Play For Time: Shift/Turn/Shuffle/1992-2019
Reception: Thursday, July 4, 5-7PM
June 29 - August 8
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Art Placement is pleased to present “When I Can No Longer Play For Time: Shift/Turn/Shuffle/1992-2019”, Martin Bennett’s debut solo exhibition at the gallery.


Past Exhibitions



 formalish: Jordan Danchilla, Steph Krawchuk, Cameron McKay
Reception: Saturday, February 23, 2PM
February 23 - April 4
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Art Placement presents 'formalish', an exhibition featuring the work of three emerging, Saskatoon-based abstract painters: Jordan Danchilla, Steph Krawchuk, and Cameron McKay.



Reception: No Reception
January 12 - February 21
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Art Placement kicks off the New Year with a group exhibition inspired by shades of grey and other muted and monochromatic colour palettes. Featuring works by a selection of gallery artists including Douglas Bentham, Robert Christie, Jennifer Crane, Cameron Forbes, Melvyn Malkin, and Thelma Pepper; guest artists Kristin Bjornerud and Cec Cote; and introducing Martin Bennett, a contemporary painter who splits his studio time between Saskatoon and London. Trained at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Bennett has exhibited his work extensively in Canada and abroad for more than two decades including solo and group shows in Saskatoon, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, and London, UK. Bennett will present a solo project at Art Placement in Summer 2019.



 Book Launch: Love Is The Language That Sex Speaks
Reception: Saturday, January 12, 2PM - 4PM

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A Saturday afternoon with three Saskatoon-based queer writers to celebrate and launch "Love Is The Language That Sex Speaks" by Rebecca La Marre. Readings begin at 2:30PM.



 SMALL WORKS - Year-End Group Show
Reception: No Reception
December 1 - January 10
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Art Placement is pleased to present this year-end exhibition of intimately scaled works by a selection of gallery artists. Featuring works in a variety of styles and mediums, there are plenty of little treasures to enjoy, and all perfectly scaled for holiday gifting.



 CLINT HUNKER - About a Lake
Reception: Saturday, December 1, 2PM
December 1 - January 10
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Art Placement is pleased to present the exhibition, About a Lake, showcasing the latest suite of landscape paintings and drawings by Clint Hunker. Since the age of 16, Hunker has painted and drawn the Saskatchewan landscape. Following in the footsteps of notable prairie artists like Reta Cowley and Augustus Kenderdine among others, he is a field painter who works predominantly on site with nature serving as both his inspiration and studio. His paintings, in the tradition of the great impressionist masters, are characterized by their focus on light, the subtleties of colour, and loose yet precisely placed brushstrokes. Quiet and contemplative, each painting is a meditation on solitude, silence, and beauty within the prairie landscape.



 LOUISE COOK - A Painted Diary, Works 1985-2018
Reception: Saturday, October 20, 2PM
October 20 - November 29
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Art Placement is delighted to present the exhibition, A Painted Diary, surveying more than three decades of Louise Cook’s landscape painting. Cook’s work debuted in Saskatoon at the Mendel Art Gallery in 1973 and she has exhibited with Art Placement since 1985. Contributing to Saskatchewan’s strong tradition of landscape painting, Cook’s unique vision of the ever-changing prairies and boreal forests of the province remains rooted in direct observation, capturing the essence of place as it is experienced firsthand. Throughout the decades, she has had the opportunity to paint numerous far-flung corners of Saskatchewan’s wilderness, while also returning regularly to a handful of favourite locales. As such, the exhibition offers both a snapshot of the diversity of the province’s terrain, as well as intense focus on familiar locations with careful attention to the subtleties of time and place.



 ART NOW 2018
Reception: Thursday, September 20, 7PM. Tickets available at artnow.ca
September 20 - 23
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Art Now is the largest fine art fair of modern and contemporary art in Saskatchewan featuring emerging and nationally and internationally known artists from galleries across Western Canada. Heading into its third year, the Art Now Fine Art Fair has firmly established itself as a signature fine art event in the prairie provinces. Bigger than ever before, Art Now 2018 will feature galleries from Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan filling more than 16,000 square feet of exhibition space with new and never-before-exhibited works and interactive installations. Founded in 2016, Art Now is the only art fair in North America that alternates between two major cities. This year, Art Now is back in Saskatoon from September 20-23 at Prairieland Park. Mark your calendars and save the date, you won't want to miss all the wonderful things that Art Now 2018 has to offer.



 ROBERT CHRISTIE - Continuous Exploration
Reception: Saturday, September 8, 2PM
September 8 - October 18
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Art Placement is pleased to present this exhibition of Robert Christie’s most recent paintings and painted constructions. For nearly fifty years, Christie has steadfastly explored a range of possibilities within the arena of abstract painting. Throughout these five decades and continuing to this day, his studio remains a testing ground for visual experimentation and aesthetic exploration, with an unwavering and unifying interest in colour, surface, form, and composition. The diverse selection of recent works are at once minimal and complex; clean and modern with reduced forms and monochromatic colour, combined with surfaces that are intensely worked, richly layered, and luxuriously textured.



Reception: Saturday, August 4th, 2PM
August 4 - September 6
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40 Years in a single exhibition, showcasing the past and present of Saskatoon's most enduring commercial gallery. Featuring select works by notable gallery artists as well as special guest artists that are in some way woven into the gallery’s history. Featuring works by Douglas Bentham, Robert Christie, Heather Cline, Louise Cook, Reta Cowley, Ruth Cuthand, Jordan Danchilla, Lorenzo Dupuis, Terry Fenton, Cameron Forbes, Jonathan Forrest, Kelly Goerzen, Lynne Graham, Gregory Hardy, Clint Hunker, Dorothy Knowles, Rodney Konopaki and Rhonda Neufeld, Steph Krawchuk, Sandra Ledingham, Ernest Lindner, Nancy Lowry, Thelma Pepper, Catherine Perehudoff, Rebecca Perehudoff, William Perehudoff, Alicia Popoff, Leslie Potter, Ian Rawlinson, Dawna Rose, Lorna Russell, Allen Sapp, Pat Service and guest artists David Alexander, Kristin Bjornerud, Clay Ellis, Marie Lannoo, Grant McConnell, and Otto Rogers.



Reception: coffeehouse: Saturday, June 23, 2PM - 4PM
June 23 - August 2
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Figurative art abounds throughout the art historical record, remaining central within the Western canon until at least the beginning of the twentieth century. Even today there are numerous artists working with the human form. In Saskatoon, a city with an artistic legacy largely defined by other genres and movements, a small but vital community of painters nevertheless continues to nurture the figurative tradition. Their work converses with historical precedents, contemporary developments, and the particular conditions and histories of the local context. The result is a unique snapshot of an enduring yet continuously evolving tradition. Featuring works by Joseph Anderson, Kristin Bjornerud, Riisa Gundesen, Iris Hauser, Ernest Lindner, Dane Moore, Dawna Rose, Betsy Rosenwald, Lorna Russell, Paul Sisetski, Dmytro Stryjek, and Carol Wylie.


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