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Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors has one of the most extensive lines of professional grade, quality oil paints. As a painter's paint, there are many things that make Williamsburg colors unique, such as milling each pigment to its own unique standard to develop the richest expression of color and undertone. Some colors feel slightly gritty; others extremely smooth. This approach preserves the range of texture oil paints had in the past. The paint is incredibly pigment rich, with a dense, yet buttery texture; each color has its own finish and feel. Williamsburg has a number of unique colors, particularly within the wide range of earth colors. It is a brand for professional oil painters who are looking for a handmade painter's paint. It is competitively priced relative to other professional, European oil paints. Art Placement stocks the entire range of WIlliamsburg oil paints in 37ml tubes. Select colors also available in 150ml tubes. See below for individual tube pricing.

NEW - Introductory Sets - a great way to get started with Williamsburg Oils

For artists seeking a convenient way to experience some of the color families within Williamsburg, they have assembled introductory sets containing eight colors in 11ml tubes, plus a 37ml tube of Titanium White. These value priced sets each include a great selection of colors that are representative of the Williamsburg paintmaking philosophy.

Signature Colors Set $71.71

Landscape Colors Set $71.71

Williamsburg Signature Colors Set Williamsburg Landscape Colors Set
The Signature Colors Set is a collection of signature colors from the Williamsburg line. It includes 11ml tubes of brilliant yellow pale, alizarin orange, Persian rose, king's blue, Courbet green, Italian lemon ochre, Stil de Grain and French ardoise gray, plus a 37ml tube of titanium white. The Landscape Colors Set is an excellent outdoor palette that allows artists to produce the wide variety of hues, shades and tints encountered in nature. It contains 11ml tubes of permanent yellow light, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, Sevres blue, sap green, Italian lemon ochre and burnt sienna, plus a 37ml tube of titanium white.

Traditional Colors Set $88.35

Modern Colors Set $88.35

Williamsburg Traditional Colors Set Williamsburg Modern Colors Set
The Traditional Colors Set is an ideal starting place for artists who are interested in exploring a more traditional range of colors. It contains 11ml tubes of cadmium lemon, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red medium, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue (genuine), raw sienna and French raw umber, plus a 37ml tube of titanium white. The Modern Colors Set is crisp and bright, with the ability to produce strong and clean tints. The modern colors are an excellent choice for painters looking to supplement their traditional colors with higher chroma alternatives and contemporary painters looking to explore a modern palette. Set contains 11ml tubes of permanent yellow light, alizarin orange, Fanchon red, permanent crimson, Egyptian violet, pthalo blue, pthalo green and quinacridone gold brown, plus a 37ml tube of titanium white.

NEW - Neutral Grays - 150 ml tubes

Williamsburg Neutral Grays

Ground in alkali-refined linseed oil, the Neutral Grays use a combination of Titanium White, Lamp Black, and small amounts of various iron oxides (Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna) to pull the otherwise too-cool mixtures towards neutral. It took great finesse from the Lab, with the goal to always track as tightly as possible, the spectral curves generated from an official, newly minted set of Munsell Grays. The new Williamsburg Grays match the Munsell values nearly flawlessly across the spectrum. The fact that any attempt at Munsell equivalents are constantly compared to such exacting, universal model is what sets these colors apart. The Munsell Grays are meant to form an objective and known scale that any other color can be measured against. Incorporated as part of one's palette, they can allow a painter to adjust a color's chroma in a repeatable and precise way that is simply not attainable otherwise. Williamsburg Special Edition Neutral Grays are available in 150 ml tubes.

Williamsburg 37 ml Tubes

Williamsburg 150 ml Tubes

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CDN sugg. list price AP regular price
















Colour Chart - arranged alphabetically - All colours available in 37ml tube*
** indicates colour is also available in 150ml tube. All colours can be ordered in 150ml tube by request. Additional sizes are also available by request. Please inquire for availability and prices.

Series Colour Series Colour Series
Alizarin Crimson 4 Cobalt Violet Deep 8 Italian Terra Rosa 3 Phthalo Turquoise 4
Alizarin Orange 4 Cobalt Violet Light 8 Italian Terra Verte 3 Provence Violet Bluish 4
Alizarin Yellow 4 Cobalt Yellow 8 Italian Yellow Ochre 3 Provence Violet Reddish 4
NEW! Bismuth Vanadate Yellow 7 Cold Black 2 Ivory Black** 1 Prussian Blue 2
Bohemian Green Earth 2 Courbet Green 3 Jaune Brilliant 2 Pyrazolone Red Deep 5
Brilliant Yellow Extra Pale** 2 Cyprus Orange 3 Kings Blue 3 Pyrazolone Red Scarlet 5
Brilliant Yellow Pale 2 Davys Grey Deep 1 Lamp Black 1 NEW! Pyrrole Orange 7
Brown Ochre 1 Dianthus Pink 4 Manganese Violet 4 NEW! Pyrrole Red 4
Brown Pink 4 Dutch Brown (Transparent) 4 Mars Black 2 Quinacridone Gold Brown 6
Brown Umber 1 Earth Green 2 Mars Orange 2 Quinacridone Magenta 5
Burnt Sienna 1 Egyptian Violet 5 Discontinued Mars Orange Deep 3 Quinacridone Red 5
Burnt Umber 1 Fanchon Red 4 Mars Red 2 Quinacridone Violet 5
Cadmium Green 6 German Earth 2 Mars Red Lt 2 Raw Sienna 1
Cadmium Green Light 6 Graphite Grey 1 Mars Violet 2 Raw Umber 1
Cadmium Lemon 6 Green Gold 7 Mars Yellow Deep 2 Red Ochre 1
Cadmium Orange 6 Indanthrone Blue 7 Mars Yellow Light 2 Red Umber 1
Cadmium Purple 8 Indian Yellow 3 Montserrat Orange 4 Sap Green 5
Cadmium Red Deep 7 Indigo 3 Naples Yellow 2 Sevres Blue 3
Cadmium Red Light 7 Interference Blue 4 Naples Yellow Italian 2 Discontinued Slate Black 1
Cadmium Red Medium 7 Interference Green 4 Naples Yellow Red 2 Spanish Earth 1
Cadmium Red Purple 7 Interference Red 4 Nickel Yellow 4 Stil De Grain 4
Cadmium Red Vermilion 7 InterferenceViolet 4 NEW! Nickel Azo Yellow 6 Titanium White** 1
Cadmium Yellow Deep 6 Irisdescent Bronze 3 Olive Green 3 Titan Buff 1
Cadmium Yellow Extra Deep 6 Irisdescent Copper 3 Paynes Grey 3 NEW! Transparent Red Iron Oxide 2
Cadmium Yellow Light 6 Irisdescent Pale Gold 3 Paynes Grey (Violet) 2 NEW! Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide 2
Cadmium Yellow Medium 6 Irisdescent Pearl White 3 Permanent Crimson 6 Turkey Umber 1
Canton Rose 4 Irisdescent Pewter 3 Permanent Green 3 Turquoise 3
Carls Crimson 5 Irisdescent Silver 3 Permanent Green Light 3 Ultramarine Blue** 2
Cerulean Blue (Genuine) 8 Italian Black Roman Earth 3 Permanent Lemon 3 Ultramarine Blue French 2
Cerulean Blue French 7 Italian Burnt Sienna 3 Permanent Orange 3 Ultramarine Pink 4
Chromium Oxide 3 Italian Green Ochre 3 Permanent Red-Orange 3 Ultramarine Violet 3
Cinnabar Green Light 3 Italian Lemon Ochre 3 Permanent Yellow Deep 3 Unbleached Titanium** 1
Cobalt Blue 7 Italian Orange Ochre 3 Permanent Yellow Light 3 Unbleached Titanium Pale** 1
Cobalt Blue Deep 7 Italian Pink 4 Permanent Yellow Medium 3 Van Dyke Brown 1
Cobalt Green 6 Italian Pompeii Red 3 Persian Rose 4 Veronese Green 3
Cobalt Teal 7 Italian Pozzuoli Earth 3 Perylene Crimson 6 Viridian 5
Cobalt Teal Deep 7 Italian Raw Sienna 3 Phthalo Blue 4 Yellow Ochre (Domestic)** 1
Cobalt Turquoise Bluish 7 Italian Raw Umber 3 Phthalo Green 4 Yellow Ochre Burnt 1
Cobalt Turquoise Greenish 7 Italian Rosso Veneto 3 Phthalo Green Yellowish 4    

French Earth Colours

The thirteen new French Earth Colours expands the depth of offerings of natural earth colours from regions with historical importance. They will appeal to painters seeking a broader palette of historical materials; those who want to feel more connected to specific regions and traditions. They also appeal to modern painters who appreciate that natural earths provide a type of texture and physical presence, as well as a subtlety of colour caused by the unique mix of impurities each mining region possesses; something that synthetic iron oxides simply do not and cannot provide.

Series Colour Series Colour Series
French Ardoise Grey 2 French Cassel Earth 2 French Ochre Havane 2 French Rouge Indien 2
French Brown Ochre 2 French Light Sienna 2 French Raw Sienna 2 French Terre Verte 4
French Burnt Ochre 2 French Noir Indien 2 French Raw Umber 2 French Yellow Ochre Deep 2
French Burnt Umber 3            

Williamsburg Oils & Mediums

Linseed Oil
Genuine alkali-refined linseed oil. Increases flow, transparency and gloss. Useful as ingredient in painting mediums. 4oz bottle: $13.76

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Genuine, cold-pressed linseed. Extracted through pressure alone. Less processed than alkali-refined. Closer to what was used in the past. 4oz bottle: $20.65

Stand Oil

A thick, honey-like linseed oil with excellent leveling properties. Increases flow, transparency, and gloss. Useful as ingredient in painting mediums. Slower drying and less yellowing than other linseed oils, it creates a smooth, durable, and flexible film. 4oz bottle: $17.82

Wax Medium

Pure beeswax, damar resin, and refined linseed oil. No paraffins or microcrystallines. Use in moderation to thicken paint and impart a short, buttery texture. Increases transparency and dries to a satin sheen. 16oz tin: $37.13

Williamsburg 2018 New Colors

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