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Caran d'Ache Products

Watersoluble Wax Pastels/Crayons

Necolor ii watersoluble crayons

Neocolor II water-soluble wax oil pastels highlight the enormous innovative capabilities of the Maison Caran d’Ache. Created in 1972 as the continuation of the famous Neocolor I range, they offer boundless creative possibilities for artists and beginners alike. Basing their work on the existing excellent qualities – exceptional coverage, smoothness and extreme lightfastness –, the craftsmen of the Manufacture added water solubility, a property greatly appreciated by connoisseurs of the Maison from all manner of artistic fields and from school age upwards. Neocolor II can be used for all forms of creativity, ranging from drawings on dry or wet materials, monotypes, impregnation, wet drawing, glazing, rainbow gradation and facepainting. With 84 colours, the entire range offers almost unlimited scope for the imagination, to the point where even experienced artists once more see things through the eyes of a child, thereby liberating the purest of all creative energies: that of the sheer wonderment evoked by colours. Swiss Made. Neocolor II pastels are entirely developed and crafted in the Caran d’Ache workshops, according to the highest quality standards and in compliance with environmental norms and certifications.

10 colour set - $29.95
15 colour set - $45.95
30 colour set - $89.95
40 colour set - $120.95

We stock the following 84 colours in open stock. Sorted by colour name.

Open Stock: $2.95/crayon

Code Colour Code Colour Code Colour Code Colour
041 Apricot 050 Flame Red 499 Metallic Gold 052 Saffron
099 Aubergine 042 Flesh 498 Metallic Silver 521 Sahara Yellow
403 Beige 033 Golden Ochre 225 Moss Green 051 Salmon
009 Black 020 Golden Yellow 149 Night Blue 071 Salmon Pink
008 Black Grey 220 Grass Green 035 Ochre 150 Sapphire Blue
260 Blue 190 Greenish Blue 249 Olive 070 Scarlet
720 Bright Green 005 Grey 039 Olive Brown 407 Sepia
059 Brown 139 Indigo Blue 030 Orange 002 Silver Grey
069 Burnt Sienna 211 Jade 031 Orangish Yellow 141 Sky Blue (Lavender)
250 Canary 240 Lemon Yellow 011 Pale Yellow 028 Toledo Brown
080 Carmine 161 Light Blue 508 Paynes Grey 171 Turquoise Blue
409 Charcoal Grey 560 Light Cadmium Red 131 Periwinkle Blue 191 Turquoise Green
730 Chinese Green 661 Light Cobalt Violet 710 Phthalo Green 140 Ultramarine Blue
212 Chromium Oxide Green 003 Light Grey 081 Pink 045 Van Dycke Brown
055 Cinnamon 245 Light Olive 159 Prussian Blue 060 Vermilion
160 Cobalt Blue 300 Lightfast Orange 090 Purple 201 Veronese Green
589 Crimson Alizarin 110 Lilac 036 Raw Sienna 120 Violet
229 Dark Green 231 Lime Green/Light Green 049 Raw Umber 100 Violet Purple
007 Dark Grey 180 Malachite Green 130 Royal Blue 001 White
210 Emerald Green 111 Mauve 280 Ruby Red 010 Yellow
063 English Red 497 Metallic Bronze 065 Russet (Sanguine) 230 Yellow Green

Watersoluble Pencil Crayons

Supracolor Soft Aquarelle pencils offer a huge range of water-soluble colour leads in 120 finely nuanced shades. Designed for every creative profession, the Supracolor Soft range offers a wide variety of applications thanks to intensely luminous colours and excellent covering power. While designed for large, broad works, the soft, large-diameter 3.8 mm leads are nevertheless extremely robust and display exemplary lightfastness, while their colour opacity and pigment quality ensures long-lasting use. Pencil drawings can thus be faded out, blended with fingertips, textured by rubbing the lead on a piece of sandpaper or used as watercolours. The body of the pencils is completely varnished and sheathed in a glossy colour corresponding to the colour of the lead. Swiss Made. Supracolor Soft pencils are designed and manufactured in the Geneva workshops of Caran d’Ache according to the quality standards of the Swiss Made label and in line with eco-friendly standards and certifications.

caran d'ache supracolor pencil sets  

12 colour set: $40.40

18 colour set: $60.60


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