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New Arrivals - David Dyck

David Dyck is a very recent addition to the gallery roster. He has been called an inventor-artist. With great attention to detail, a sophisticated DIY aesthetic, a formal background in mechanical engineering, and a studied cultivation of his own idiosyncrasies, he transforms everyday objects into working prototypes for an alternate world of rechanneled purpose (Marcus Miller, 2014). Dyck has worked in a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, often transgressing these boundaries in interesting and unexpected ways: from drawing-machine sculptures, to performative paintings made with a chainsaw rather than a brush. His interest in the dying art of sign-painting has also lead to a series of works that explore this traditionally commercial practice through a fine art lens. The resulting "paintings" do not necessarily conform to our expectations of fine art, delving instead into ongoing dialogues around genre hierarchies and value systems both within and outside of the art world. With a distinct sense of humour, Dyck's work pays homage to the irrational sensibilities and iconic works of the early 20th century European avant-garde. He completed an MFA at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and is currently the Visual Arts Studio Technician at Memorial University of Newfoundland, following from a one year term as Associate Curator at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum.

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