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Leesa Streifler

Leesa Streifler has been a faculty member in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Regina since 1986. She teaches painting and drawing at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Well established in the public gallery sphere, she has exhibited extensively across Canada, and is represented in the permanent collections of several prominent institutions including the Canada Council Art Bank, National Gallery, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Winnipeg Art Gallery, and Kenderdine Gallery. Streifler regularly works across a broad range of media including photography, painting, drawing, performance, and digital imaging, exploring subjectivity and feminist interpretations of contemporary experience including: identity, body image, aging, illness, mothering practice and family relationships. Her most recent series of small-scale mixed media works explore a variety of themes in an expressionistic vocabulary.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Winnipeg Manitoba


1983 M.F.A. Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York, USA
1980 B.F.A. Honors, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


2003- present Full Professor, Visual Arts Department, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
1995-2002 Associate Professor, Visual Arts Department, University of Regina
1986-1994 Assistant Professor, Visual Arts Department, University of Regina


2016 Leesa Streifler: Drawing the Photograph. Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2015 Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014 Embodied. Estevan Art Gallery, Saskatchewan. Curated by Alex King
2012 In Relation, Art Gallery of Regina, curated by Karen Schoonover
2003 Contained, Neutral Ground Artist- Run- Center, Regina, Saskatchewan
2003 Contact, Festival of Contemporary Photography’, Women’s Art Resource Center (WARC), Toronto
2001 Featured Artist, Literary Review of Canada, vol.9, No.6, summer issue:cover & pp4,712,16,22.
1999 Normal, Latitude 53, Edmonton,
1998 Normal, Dazibao centre de photographies actuelles, Montreal
1997 Normal, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, curated by Vera Lemecha (publication)
1993 Toronto Photographer’s Workshop, Toronto, curated by Marcus Schubert (publication)
1993 In Extremis, Swift Current National Exhibition Centre, Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery
1992 Affirmations of Anger, text piece on closed circuit T.V. monitors, Banff Center, Banff
1992 In Extremis, Moose Jaw Art Museum, Moose Jaw, Saskaktchewan
1992 In Extremis, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, curated by Timothy Long (publication)
1990 Subjective/Reflective, Muttart Gallery, Calgary, curated by Franklyn Heisler (publication)
1990 Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg
1988 Rosemont Gallery, Regina
1988 Bus Shelter Project, Regina
1987 Neutral Ground, Regina
1983 Hunter College Art Gallery, New York


2017 The GALLERY/Art Placement, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Dec. 2 - 30
2016 Saskatchewan 2016: a pop up exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona. Curated by Belinda Harrow
2016 Conversations in Paint, three person show at The GALLERY/Art Placement, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2014 - 2016 Surreal Saskatchewan, 2 works in traveling exhibition to 16 venues in the province of Saskatchewan, curated by Belinda Harrow for the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC)
2014 They Made a Day be a Day Here, (3 works), University of Manitoba, Gallery 111, curated by Amy Fung; catalogue.
2013 They Made a Day be a Day Here, (3 works), Grande Prairie Art Gallery,Mendel Art Gallery, curated by Amy Fung; catalogue.
2013 Contested Bodies, WIA Projects, Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, University of Toronto, curated by Pam Patterson
2013 Working Mom, (5 works) Elsie Scherle Gallery, Last Mountain Cultural Centre, Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. Curated by Jeff Nye.
2013 The Synthetic Age, (5 works) MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK., curated by Jeff Nye
2010 Pandora’s Box, (5 works) (curated by Amanda Cachia; publication) Art Gallery of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
2010 WKP Kennedy Gallery, curated by Dermot Wilson, North Bay Ontario
2009 Close Strangers Distant Relations, MacKenzie Art Gallery, curated by David Garneau,
2008 Pandora’s Box, (5 works) (curated by Amanda Cachia; publication) Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina.
2007 Persona: From the Collection, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, National Gallery of  Canada, Ottawa; publication; traveling in 2009/10 (Dec.1 2006 - April 9, 2007).
2006-2007 Where She’s At..., (6 woman show curated by Libby Hague; 13 works) Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto
2006-2007 Voluntary Laughter: the MacKenzie Art Gallery Volunteers Look at the Permanent Collection, September 30, 2006 - January 8, 2007.
2006 The Horse Show, Mysteria Gallery, Regina (Nov. 18-Dec.31, 2006). Curated by Marsha Kennedy.
2005 The Beast Not Seen in Verse, (5 person, curated by Ingrid Mayerhoffer), McMaster University Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario
2005 You of Are, Mysteria Gallery, Regina, curated by Marsha Kennedy
2005 Site Reading, (faculty exhibition, curated by Seema Goel), MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
2004 Visage , Rosemont Art Gallery, Regina, curated by Karen Schoonover.
2004 X Folder, (curated by Carla Garnet), Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery, University of Newfoundland
2002 Peripheries, with Sylvat Aziz, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton
2001 Peripheries, with Sylvat Aziz, SAW Gallery, Ottawa
2001 Freakshow Revisited, Open Studio Gallery, Toronto
2000 Peripheries, with Sylvat Aziz, Harcourt House, Edmonton
2000 Changing Times, (faculty exhibition, curated by Timothy Long), Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1998 Treasured Moments, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1998 Dreadsville, Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
1998 Photographic project, Inversions publication on the ‘Grotesque’, edited by curator Vera Lemecha, MAWA, Winnipeg
1998 Contemporary Discourses, Museo de Arts Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile
1998 Saskatchewan Perspectives, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1995 Res Ipsa Loquitur: The Act Speaks For Itself, Fifth Parallel Gallery, University of Regina
1993 For Interieur, Michel Tetreault Art International, 3 person show, Le Mois de la Photo, Montreal
1993 Faculty Exhibition, MacKenzie Art Gallery, (publication)
1992 The Furniture Show, Brian Melnychenko Gallery, Winnipeg
1989 Regina Billboard Project, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto (publication)
1989 Main Access Gallery, Winnipeg
1989 Case Installation Series, Dunlop Gallery, Regina, (publication)
1989 Re-Look, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1988 Neutral Ground, Regina
1988 Rosemont Gallery, Regina
1988 Sask Open, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon
1988 Hamilton Artists, Inc., Hamilton, Ontario
1988 Susan Whitney Gallery, Regina
1987 Articule Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
1987 Susan Whitney Gallery, Regina
1982 The Gallery Annex, Central Park, New York, New York


2014 Hospitalfield Arts, International Residency, Arbroath, Scotland, November 19 - 30.
2001 Open Studio Artist in Residence, Toronto, Canada, January - March.
1993 St. Peter’s Monastery, Artist’s Residency, St. Benedict, Saskatchewan, Canada, May.
1992 Leighton Colony, The Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Sept. - Dec.


2014 Humanities Institute Research Fellowship, University of Regina ($4,837)
2013 Saskatchewan Arts Board, Creative Grant in Visual Arts ($15,000.)
2009 Humanities Research Institute, U of R, Subvention Award ($1,000)
2008 Saskatchewan Arts Board Creative, Individual Artist Grant ($15,769.)
2008 Faculty of Fine Arts Research Award ($2,000.)
2008 Saskatchewan Arts Board Project Grant for Mothering Canada: Interdisciplinary Voices ($5,000.)
2007 President’s/ SSHRC Research Fund (one of 3 investigators) ($4,282.)
2007 President’s/ SSHRC Research Fund ($4, 500.)
2007 President’s Research Fund, University of Regina ($4,949.)
2007 Humanities Research Institute, University of Regina ($500.)
2003 Humanities Research Institute Research Award, University of Regina ($1,000.)
2003 Dean of Fine Arts Research Award, University of Regina ($1,000.)
2003 Saskatchewan Arts Board Creative A Grant ($18, 273.)
2001 Residency, Open Studio, Toronto ($4,000.)
2000 Saskatchewan Arts Board Creative B Grant ($12,000.)
1998 President's Publication Fund, University of Regina ($1,000.)
1998 Canada Council Mid Career Grant in Photography ($14,000.)
1998 Canada Council Travel Grant ($1,000.)
1998 Saskatchewan Arts Board Travel Grant ($1,000.)
1997 University of Regina Sabbatical Research Grant
1996 Saskatchewan Arts Board Creative B Grant ($12,000.)
1993 St. Peter's Abbey Artist Colony residency, Muenster, Saskatchewan
1992 Saskatchewan Arts Board B Grant ($12,000.)
1992 Banff Center for the Arts, Leighton Artist Colony Scholarship ($4,500.)
1993 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of Regina Alumni Association
1990 Canada Council Project Grant ($7,500.)
1990 Saskatchewan Arts Board Individual Assistance Grant ($12,000.)
1989 Canada Council Explorations Grant ($11,000.)
1989 City of Regina Arts Commission Grant $5,000.)
1988 Canada Council Explorations Grant ($10,000.)
1988 Saskatchewan Arts Board Project Grant ($7,500.)
1988 Saskatchewan Arts Board B Grant ($12,000.)
1988 Canada Council Visiting Artist Program, Iqaluit, N.W.T.
1985 Canada Council B Grant ($14,000.)
1981 Manitoba Arts Council ($7,000.)
1980 Hunter College Charlotte Newcombe Award


Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa (23 works)
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa (1 work)
Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina (4 works)
Open Studio Archive, Toronto (5 works)
Sony of Canada, Winnipeg (2 works)
Saskatchewan Arts Board, Regina (6 works)
MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina (22 works)
Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg (2 works)
Kenderdine Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon (8 works)
City of Regina (1 work) 
City of Winnipeg (1 work)


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2014 Lecture & Studio Critiques, The Female Body and Social Critique, Fine Art at Coventry Talks Series, Coventry University, Coventry, England
2014 Panelist, Animal Subjects: an artist’s representation of animals, University Art Association of Canada (UAAC) OCADUniversity, Toronto, panel: Animals and Art, chaired by Dr. Erin Campbell
2014 Panelist, Working Mom” Elsie Scherle Gallery, Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan.
2013 Panelist, “Unbeautiful,” presented at panel, Perfect Imperfections, University Art Association of Canada (UAAC) conference, The Banff Center, chaired by Mary Reid
2013 Panelist, Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. They Made a Day Be a Day Here.
2013 Speaker, University of Toronto, Scarborough, Women’s Studies and Visual Arts Dept.
2013 Panelist, University Art Teaching in the 21st Century, OCAD University, Toronto, chaired by Pam Patterson
2012 Co-chair, Studio Pedagogy: Defining Art Education in the 21st Century, University Art Association of Canada conference, Montreal
2012 Speaker, In Relation, Art Gallery of Regina, Regina, SK
2011 Panelist, Mothering conference, Mothering Institute for Research and Community Involvement, Toronto
2011 Speaker, Body Image conference, Mount St. Vincent university, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2010 Visiting Artist, Lecture and Studio visits, Department of Art and Art History, University of Saskatchewan
2009 Panelist, “Academic Mothers”, Brandeis University, Boston, Massachusetts
2009 Panelist, “The Maternal Wall and Strategies of Resistance and Empowerment for Mothers in Academe” Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
2009 Speaker, Fine Arts Lecture Series, University of Regina
2007 Speaker, Art for Lunch lecture series, University of Regina
2003 Conference: Transitional Form/Transitional Spaces (Centenary Sculpture Conference), University of Regina, October 1 - 5. Role: faculty liason and co-organizer.
2002 Conference: Crossing Over: Negotiating Specialization in an Interdisciplinary Culture, University of Regina, Role: faculty liason.
2002  Speaker, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2002 Speaker, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
2002 Visiting Artist, Lecture and Studio Visits, Keano College, Fort McMurray, Alberta
2001 Speaker, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick
2001 Speaker, Owens Art Gallery/Mount Allison University, Department of Visual Arts, Sackville, New Brunswick
2001 Guest Speaker, Art Department, Sheridan College, Toronto, Ontario
2001 Guest Speaker, Art Department, York University, Toronto, Ontario
2001 Critic, Portfolio reviews, Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
2001 Artist-in-Residence Slide Lecture, Open Studio, Toronto
2000 Speaker, Grant McEwen College, Edmonton, Alberta
2000 Visiting Artist, University of Lethbridge, Albert2000 Visiting Artist, Keano College, Fort McMurray, Alberta
2000 Panelist, Changing Times: Issues in Contemporary Art Education, (with Carol Becker), co-sponsored by: Mackenzie Art Gallery and University of Regina
1999 Panelist, Thinking Collaboratively: Discussion and Debriefing Experiential Learning with Adults, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, “Creating Collaborative Learning for the 21st Century” conference, June 16-19, University of Calgary
1999 Juror, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1998 Visiting Artist, Lecture, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
1998 Visiting Artist, Lecture, University of Saskatchewan
1997 Panelist, “Investigating NORMAL: The Grotesque, the Performative and the Illusion of Normalcy”, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina
1997  Speaker, “Insights into NORMAL”, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina
1996 Inaugural Lecture, Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series. Topic: “Issues in Contemporary Art: Current Research in the Department of Visual Arts”, University of Regina
1996 Juror, Senior Arts Grants, Manitoba Arts Council
1995 Juror, Weyburn Arts Council, Weyburn, Saskatchewan
1994 Guest Speaker, CARFAC regional conference, Saskatoon
1993 Panelist, “Demarcations: Photography and Other Materials” Toronto Photographers Workshop, Toronto
1993 Slides included in educational program on women artists sponsored by Women's Art Resource Center, Toronto
1993 Speaker, In Extremis, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1993 Speaker, Fine Arts Department, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
1991 Organizer, Panel: “Art Works/Works of Art”, University of Regina Department of Visual Arts contribution to The Regina Work Project, Regina
1990 Moderator, “The Function of Art” panel, CARFAC National Conference, Saskatoon
1990 Juror, Saskatchewan Arts Board
1989 Speaker, “Public Art”, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1989 Juror, Manitoba Arts Council, Purchase Jury
1988 Visiting Artist, Iqaluit, North West Territories


2014 Hospitalfield Center for International Art, Arborath Scotland, 2 week residency
2001 Open Studio, printmaking residency, 3 months
1993 St. Peter’s Abbey, Muenster, Saskatchewan, 3 week artist residency
1992 Banff Centre for the Arts, Leighton Studio, 3 month residency

Community Involvement (selected):

2016 - 2017 Board of Directors, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance
2013 - 2015 Board Member, Canadian Artists Representation (Saskatchewan) CARFAC Sask
2010 Member, Community Board, Early Childhood Learning Center, Regina
2009 Workshop Leader, Preparing Art for Exhibition, Regina Artists’ Guild, Regina
2009 Search Committee, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library, Regina
2008 Community Member, Search for Director, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library
2007 External member, Dunlop Art Gallery Hiring Committee for Assistant Curator
2003 Workshop Leader, Body Awareness, Women’s Art Resource Center, Toronto
2002 Workshop Leader, Body Awareness, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick
2003 - 2008 Member, Programming Committee, Art Gallery of Regina.
2000 Guest Speaker, “Art and Self Reflection”, Art Smart Lecture Series, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1999 Panelist, “Visions and Longings: Interpreting Standard of Beauty for the 21st Century”, Regina Public Library
1999 Workshop Leader, “Body Awareness Workshop”, University of Regina Counseling Services, Women’s Centre, Paul Schwann and Regina Health District
1999 Lecturer, Saskatchewan Jewish Council, Regina
1998 Supporter for Dunlop Art Gallery to Regina Public Library Board via presentation and letter
1998 Workshop Leader, “Self-Esteem and Body Image,”, University of Regina Counseling Services
1998 Workshop Leader, “ Self-Esteem and Body Image,” ANAD (Anorexia and Disorder Eating Regina)


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