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Laura St. Pierre

Artist Statement

For almost a decade, I have worked with a fictional character called the Scavenger. My protagonist surfs the detritus of modern life, picking and choosing from the glut of garbage, trying to make something of it. A re-incarnation of Baudelaire's chiffonnier, the Scavenger sees value in things that others often overlook.

Since my return to Saskatchewan, the Scavenger and I have been working on a project titled Fruits and Flowers of the Spectral Garden, where we have been collecting and preserving flora from the changing Saskatchewan landscape. Using a technique common to botanists, the plants are preserved in isopropyl alcohol. To contain the specimens, we use found domestic vessels, such jars and bottles.

Plants are chosen from sites in transition. Earlier works in the series featured plants from "wild" or unkempt spaces in Saskatoon, such as vacant lots, alleys and parks. These are named after the neighborhood or street where they are found. The Scavenger collected specimens from these places as a response to their increased development and taming. More recently, the Scavenger has begun gleaning plants from ecologically sensitive areas, including the Boreal forest and the shores of the St. Lawrence river. Although these specimens are not currently rare or unusual, someday soon they may be: in this sense the collection has become an Archeology of the Future.

After they are collected, the specimens are photographed. In the translation of a three-dimensional object to a two-dimensional image, common plants are transformed, “making visible things that cease to be of any consequence once the picture has been snapped”.[1] This "making visible" is taken further by preserving the plants in alcohol, which bleaches the specimens and renders some parts of the plants translucent, giving them a ghostly appearance. Furthermore, by printing the plants at an increased scale, they become even less familiar, inviting the viewer to see them in a new way.

Earlier photographs in this series depicted a single specimen in a jar. More recently, I have begun stacking and positioning the specimens and using other natural materials to prop them up. In so doing, I am attempting to recreate a specific landscape from memory, remembering which plants grow together, their relationships in space. While the use of photography generally raises questions about time and remembrance, the tenuous arrangement of the jars and bottles also speaks to the fragility of an ecosystem in balance.

This exhibition features a handful of photographs from Saskatoon and the St. Lawrence. In an upcoming solo exhibition at the Dunlop, a series of plants from the Boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan will be exhibited in an immersive installation titled Museum of Future History. Other upcoming projects include a 4-channel video project commissioned by PAVED art for June 2018, and participation in a group exhibition at Galerie LUZ in Montreal in April.

1. Sarah Hamill, “The World is Flat: Photography and the Matter of Sculpture”, Camerawork, v36 no1, Spring/Summer 2009, p.14-19.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Exhibitions

Museum of Future History, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina. Curated by Blair Fornwald with text by Katherine Ylitalo (solo).
Winter Garden, VivianeArt (Calgary). Curated by Katherine Ylitalo.
Musee de l'histoire a venir, special project with VivianeArt at Foire Papier, Montreal (solo).
Upon a Flower, The Gallery/Art Placement.
Special Commission, PAVED Arts, as part of the province-wide Canada 150 project "Roadside Attractions" (solo).
La vie fragile, aka artist-run (Saskatoon) and Galerie Luz (Montreal). Curated by Serge Murphy.

Spectral Garden (with Jon Bath), Bonavista Biennale, Art Encounters on the Edge, 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects, Bonavista, Newfoundland.

Peripheral Influence, aka artist-run, Kernderdine Art Gallery and Sceifmuhlgasse 12-14, curated by Denise Parizek.
Night Moves, Jackson Power Gallery, Edmonton, curated by Leanne Olson.

View from a Window, Art Gallery of Alberta, with Edward Burtynsky, Robin Collyer, and Eamon McMahon, curated by Catherine Crowston.

Fruit and Flowers of the Spectral Garden, Nuit Blanche, Saskatoon. Collaboration with Jon Bath.
Saskatchewan, curated by Adrian Stimson, Blackall Studios, London, UK and Mercado de Ensanche Exhibition Hall, Bilbao, Spain (catalogue).
306'ers A wave from Saskatchewan, DC3 projects, Edmonton.

Land/Slide: Possible Futures, Markham Museum, curated by Janine Marchessault (catalogue).
Urban Vernacular, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon (installation and billboard, solo).
The News From Here: Alberta Bienniale of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Alberta, curated by Nancy Tousley.

Constructing Space, Gallery 44, Toronto.

Urban Vernacular, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (solo/catalogue).
AutoPark, The Works Art and Design Festival, Edmonton and The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Alberta (solo/catalogue).

, Centre D'Exposition Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec.

Dwellings, Centre D'Exposition CIRCA, Montreal

This End Up, Galerie Articule, Montreal.
Abstraction, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto.
Spell, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, and Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa (catalogue).

Selected Grants and Awards

Canada Council for the Arts, Concept to Realization Grant
Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts Award
Saskatchewan Arts Board, Independent Artists Program Grant
Canada Council for the Arts, Project Grant
Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant
Canada Council for the Arts, Project Grant
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Project Grant
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Project Grant
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Project Grant
Alberta Creative Development Initiative, Project Grant (Canada Council for the Arts)
Canada Council for the Arts, Project Grant
Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Quebec, Artistic Research and Creation Grant
Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Quebec, Artistic Research and Creation Grant


Master of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal

Bachelor of Fine Art and Design with Distinction, University of Alberta

Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of British Columbia

Selected Bibliography

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Randall Anderson, “Review of Objects of Desire.” Border Crossings, #92, p.101

Public Collections

Saskatchewan Art Board
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Art Gallery of Alberta
Musee de Baie-Saint-Paul


Symposium International d'Art Contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul
Centre Sagamie, Arts Numeriques Contemporains, Alma, Quebec
Est-Nord-Est, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec
2001, 2003
Emma Lake Artist’s Workshop, Emma Lake, Saskatchewan

Community Involvement

Board member, aka artist run

Active member, aka artist run and PAVED arts

Active member, sans-atelier artist collective


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