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Winsor and Newton Professional Artist Water Colours

William Winsor and Henry Newton first introduced moist water colours in the 1830’s. The brand is now synonymous with quality and tradition when it comes to watercolour paints. With 96 colours, Winsor & Newton's Professional Water Colour range offers bright, vibrant colours and unrivalled performance. Water colour, more than any other medium, reflects the unique characteristics of the pigments used and our Professional Water Colours use only the finest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour.

With 75 single pigment colours in the range, Winsor & Newton offers the widest range of modern and traditional pigments for clean colour mixing.

Unrivalled Transparency
The transparency of Winsor & Newton's Professional Water Colour is achieved by their unique process of pigment dispersion during manufacture. The natural characteristics of each pigment highlights the paint’s transparency level. In water colour painting, thin washes are applied allowing the white of the paper to reflect through the wash.

93 out of 96 colours in Winsor & Newton's Professional Water Colour range are classed as "permanent for artists' use”, rated AA or A for archival permanence to ensure that these colours used today will appear the same for generations to come.

Series 1, 5ml: $13.37
Series 2, 5ml: $15.10
Series 4, 5ml: $17.11
Series 5, 5ml: $20.14

Series Colour Permanence Rating Series Colour Permanence Rating
1 Alizarin Crimson B 1 New Gamboge A
1 Antwerp Blue A (iv) 1 Neutral Tint A
4 Aureolin A (I) (ii) 1 Olive Green A
3 Bismuth Yellow A 1 Payne’s Gray A
1 Brown Madder A 3 Permanent Alizarin Crimson A
1 Burnt Sienna AA 3 Permanent Carmine A
1 Burnt Umber AA 3 Permanent Magenta A
4 Cadmium Orange A(ii) 3 Permanent Rose A
4 Cadmium Red A(ii) 1 Permanent Sap Green A
4 Cadmium Red Deep A(ii) 3 Perylene Maroon A
4 Cadmium Yellow A(ii) 1 Prussian Blue A(iv)
4 Cadmium Yellow Pale A(ii) 1 Purple Madder A
2 Caput Mortuum Violet AA 3 Quinacridone Gold A
3 Cerulean Blue AA 3 Quinacridone Magenta A
1 Chinese White AA 3 Quinacridone Red A
4 Cobalt Blue AA 1 Raw Sienna AA
4 Cobalt Blue Deep AA 1 Raw Umber AA
4 Cobalt Turquoise AA 4 Rose Madder Genuine B(i)
4 Cobalt Violet AA 1 Sepia AA
1 Davy’s Gray AA 1 Terre Verte AA
2 French Ultramarine A(iii) 3 Thioindigo Violet A
2 Gold Ochre AA 1 Titanium White AA
2 Green Gold A 2 Transparent Yellow A
1 Hooker’s Green A 2 Ultramarine Violet A
3 Indanthrene Blue A 1 Vandyke Brown AA
1 Indian Red A 3 Vermillion Hue A(ii)
1 Indian Yellow A 3 Viridian AA
1 Indigo A 1 Winsor Blue Red Shade A
1 Ivory Black AA 1 Winsor Green Blue Shade A
1 Lamp Black AA 1 Winsor Red A
4 Lemon Yellow (Nickel Titanate) AA 1 Winsor Violet Dioxazine A
2 Manganese Blue Hue A 1 Winsor Yellow A
1 Naples Yellow A 1 Yellow Ochre AA

Winsor and Newton Professional Artist Water Colours

Permanence Rating:
AA Highest Permanence Rating
A Permanent
B Moderately Durable
C Fugitive

For some colours, the rating may include one or more of the following additions:

  • ‘A’ rated in full strength, may fade in thin washes
  • Cannot be relied upon to withstand damp
  • Bleached by acids, acidic atmosphere
  • Fluctuating colour, fades in light, recovers in dark
  • Should not be prepared in pale tints with Flake White, as these will fade
  • ‘A’ rated with a coating of fixative
  • Fun Facts:

    There are three main characteristics of water colour pigments which are commonly referred to by the artist. The relative staining ability of pigments is noted by artists who wish to lift colours with a sponge, to achieve particular colour and texture effects. Some pigments show a tendency to granulate, like Raw Umber, causing the pigments to settle in the hollows of the paper surface to produce a mottled effect. Flocculation also gives a mottled effect. This happens when pigment particles are attracted to each other rather than dispersing evenly, like Ultramarine Blue.

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