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Speedball Screen Printing

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Inks

Speedball offers an extensive range of screen printing inks including fluorescent colours, iridescent colours, process colours, and glow-in-the-dark Night Glo colours! These inks are great on cotton, polyester, blends, linen, rayon and other synthetic fibers. Not recommended for use on nylon. They can also be used with ease on paper and cardboard. Colours are washfast when properly heat-set. These inks can be screen printed or applied with a brush. All colours vailable in 8oz jars, select colours also available in 32oz jars.

The following colours are available in 8 oz jars. Prices are higher on Metallic, Iridescent, and Night Glo colours
Select colours also available in 32oz jars: $38.28 each, $44.15 for Gold (* indicates available in 32oz jar)

Colour Price Colour Price Colour Price Colour Price
Amethyst $14.69 Citrine $14.69 Night Glo Blue $26.95 Raspberry $14.69
Black * $12.95 Emerald $14.69 Night Glo Green $26.95 Red * $12.95
Black Pearl $14.69 Fluorescent Green $12.95 Night Glo White $26.95 Sherbert $14.69
Blue * $12.95 Fluorescent Magenta $12.95 Night Glo Yellow $26.95 Silver $14.69
Blue Topaz $14.69 Fluorescent Orange $12.95 Orange * $12.95 Violet * $12.95
Brown $12.95 Gold * $14.69 Peacock Blue * $12.95 White * $12.95
Burgundy $12.95 Green * $12.95 Pearl White $14.69 Yellow * $12.95

Speedball Permanent Acrylic Screen Printing Inks

Speedball Permanent Acrylic Inks are designed for the quality-minded printmaker and for professional screen printers. Formulated to print well on paper, wood, and fabric, they offer the permanence of oil-based inks with the convenience of water clean-up. They are non-toxic, highly opaque and brilliant. Note: Not recommended for use on material that has to be laundered, or on unprimed metal, and not formulated for use on certain types of plastic or plastic-coated materials. Available in 8 oz. jars.

The following colours are available in 8 oz jars. Prices are higher on Night Glo colours

Colour Price Colour Price Colour Price Colour Price
Black $12.95 Fluorescent Lime Green $12.95 Medium Yellow $12.95 Silver $12.95
Brown $12.95 Fluorescent Magenta $12.95 Night Glo Original White $27.95 Ultramarine $12.95
Dark Red $12.95 Fluorescent Orange $12.95 Peacock Blue $12.95 White $12.95
Emerald Green $12.95 Fluorescent Yellow $12.95 Process Cyan $12.95    
Fluorescent Blue $12.95 Gold $12.95 Process Magenta $12.95    
Fluorescent Hot Pink $12.95 Medium Red $12.95 Process Yellow $12.95    


We offer a range of squeegee options for a variety of purposes and price points. All options are suited to screen-printing on fabric, paper cardboard or wood. All squeegees have wood handles except where indicated, and square edges. Neoprene blades are suited for shorter print runs and work great with water-based inks. Urethane blades are firm and impervious to acids, turpentine, and thinners, making them well suited to high usage applications and oil-based inks. The Red Baron Solid Plastic Squeegee is 9 inches long, with a dual edge design for fabric and graphic projects and a comfortable fingertip grip.

Description Price
Red Baron Solid Plastic Craft Squeegee - 9 inch $10.04
Speedball Plastic Handle Thin Neoprene Craft Squeegee - 9inch $14.33
Speedball Neoprene Wood Handle Squeegee - 12 inch $28.73
Speedball Neoprene Wood Handle Squeegee - 14 inch $33.03
Speedball Urethane Wood Handle Squeegee - 8 inch $30.14
Speedball Urethane Wood Handle Squeegee - 18 inch $60.81

Screen Printing Kits

Speedball offers a great selection of kits for every type of screen printer.

Item Description Price
Basic Screen Printing Kit The easiest and fastest way to create custom screen printing $106.70
Deluxe Screen Printing Kit Deluxe version for learning how to screen print on paper, cardboard, fabric and wood. $144.88
Ultimate Screen Printing Kit Designed for the true screen printing enthusiast! $213.36
BASIC Fabric Ink Set - 4 color Great for Beginners, 4 colors in 4oz. jars: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black $26.50
Fluorescent/Glo N Dark Fabric Ink Set - 4 color Bright and fun selection of Fluorescent and Night-Glo colors in 4oz. jars $44.15
STARTER Fabric Ink Set - 6 color 6 colors in 4oz. jars: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, White $39.75
OPAQUE Fabric Ink Set - 6 color 6 beautiful pearlescent and iridescent colors ideal for screen printing on dark fabrics. 4oz. jars. $44.15
Fabric Kit Super Value Pack 10" × 14" wood screen, squeegee, screen filler, drawing fluid, black, red, yellow inks, sensitizer, photo emulsion, photo emulsion remover, paint brush, mixing sticks, instruction booklet. $91.45


Smooth, hardwood frame with a 110 monofilament screen fabric for general screen printing. Screen fabric is cord-locked in grooves and can be tightened or replaced.

Size Price
10x14" $33.49
12x16" $39.66
16" x 20" $45.82
18" x 24" $49.92

NEW! Aluminum Frame Screens

Each piece of these aluminum screen printing frames are hand cut, welded for a water tight seal and ground smooth for flatness and flawless edges. They are extruded from the highest grade aluminum and coupled with a high-precision woven mesh that is pneumatically stretched to industry-standard tensions to create a strong, reliable and highly durable frame.. Available in 155 and 230 Mesh screen options.

Size Price
20" x 24" (230 Mesh) $63.17
23" x 31" (230 Mesh) $87.08
25" x 36" (155 Mesh) $122.54

NEW! Aluminum Scoop Coaters

Extruded from T6 aluminum, these scoop coaters feature a dual edge design (sharp edge on one side for fine mesh counts and rounded edge on the other side for lower mesh count screens), injection molded ends and a full snap-on dust shield. It has a solid holding depth to accommodate lengthy coating sessions, and sits flat on your surface in between coatings.

Size Price
16 inch $47.82
20 inch $58.45

Speedball Hinge Clamps

Cast aluminum provides durability and resistance to rusting. Features postive locking for perfect registration.
One pair $37.33 each

Speedball Screen Printing Mediums & Additives

Screen Drawing Fluid - allows finer detail to be applied with a brush to the screen surface.
8oz $10.04 each

Transparent Base - For use with fabric and permanent acrylic inks. Use for economy (extending your inks) or to increase transparency. Do not exceed 10-15%. Use Acrylic Extender Base for additional transparency. Cleans up with water.
8oz $11.38 each
32oz $20.70 each
128oz $48.81 each

Transparent Extender Base - For use with fabric and permanent acrylic inks. Use for economy (extending your inks) or to increase transparency. Cleans up with water.
8oz $10.04 each
32oz $20.70 each

Acrylic Extender Base - May be added to the Speedball Acrylic screen printing inks in any ratio without affecting screen quality.
8oz $11.81 each

Screen Retarder Base - For use with fabric and permanent acrylic inks. To prevent screen from clogging under high heat and /or low humidity conditions. Do not add more than 25% by volume.
8oz $11.81 each

Screen Filler - designed to mask areas not intended to receive printing ink.
8oz $15.22 each
32oz $42.90 each

Speed Clean-effectively removes Screen Filler with minimal odour.
16oz $13.28 each
128oz $51.79 each

Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit
Photo emulsion allows fine line drawings, computer generated images, lettering and photographic half-tone positives to be created.The process requires:a screen prepared with the photo emulsion/sensitizer mixture, a film positive or printed transparency film, and a light source that will transfer opaque images from your positive to the light sensitive printing screen. Each kit has a three year shelf life unmixed and contains: 7oz Photo Emulsion, 8oz Photo Emulsion Remover, 1oz bottle of condensed sensitizer.
$41.26 per kit

Diazo Photo Emulsion - must use with Diazo Sensitizer.
32oz $29.58

Diazo Photo Sensitizer - must use with Diazo Photo Emulsion.
2oz $9.61

Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover - cleans an emulsion-coated screen with minimal effort.
8oz $10.33
32oz $29.59

Diazo Light Kit - The Speedball Diazo Light Kit is specifically designed for exposing screens using the Speedball diazo photo emulsion process. The kit includes an exposure lamp, a 250 watt photo flood bulb, and 9" × 13¾" (23 cm × 35 cm) black paper, which is used as a background sheet when exposing your screens.
$50.77 per kit
replacement Photo Flood Bulb - $10.04 each

Diazo Ultimate Fabric Screen Printing Kit - Absolutely everything you need for fabric screen printing using the Diazo photo emulsion system. Diazo light and bulb, emulsion, sensitizer, screen, squeegee, and fabric screenprinting inks AND how-to instructions.
$168.95 per kit

Please check with our staff for the current availability of all products.

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