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Speedball Block Printing

Since 1899, with the introduction of their now famous dip pen, Speedball has helped artists around the world find the perfect colour, the perfect nib and the very best ink. We carry a full range of Speedball drawing nibs and inks in addition to block and screen inks and tools.

Water Soluble Block Printing Inks

Give your creations all the brilliance they deserve with inks from Speedball. Speedball’s Water Soluble Block Printing Inks come in 18 brilliant colors available in 37cc, 75cc, 150cc tubes. These inks are easy to clean up with water, non-toxic, gluten free and super for printmaking with linoleum, wood, Flexible Printing Plate, Speedy-Carve™, Speedy-Cut™ and Polyprint. All Speedball inks are AP Non-Toxic and are excellent for use in the studio, school or home.

37cc Tubes - 18 colours Available: $6.20 each

Speedball Block Inks - 37cc Available Colors        
Black Dark Yellow Magenta Red White
Blue Gold Orange Silver Yellow
Brown Green Pewter Turquoise  
Copper Light Red Platinum White Violet  

75cc (2.5oz) Tubes - 12 colours Available: $9.95 each
150cc (5oz) Tubes - 10 colours Available: $16.30 each

Speedball Block Printing Inks Available Colors      
Black Brown Violet Gold (75cc only)
White Dark Yellow Red Silver (75cc only)
Blue Yellow Green Orange

16oz Jars - 16 colours Available: $31.19 per jar

Speedball Block Inks - 16oz Available Colors      
Black Gold Pewter Turquoise
Blue Green Platinum White Violet
Brown Magenta Red White
Copper Orange Silver Yellow

Oil Based Block Printing Inks

Speedball's Oil-Based Block Printing Inks available in 10 brilliant colors in 37cc tubes. Suitable for printing on papers and fabrics, they are non-darkening, waterproof and permanent.

37cc Tubes - 10 colours Available: $7.95

Black Brown Magenta Turquoise White
Blue Green Red Violet Yellow

Block Printing Ink Sets

Handy beginner Block Printing Sets now available at Art Placement. Each set contains 6 colours in 37cc tubes. Water Soluble and Oil-Based sets available.

Water Soluble 6 colour set $36.08
Water Soluble Deluxe set $86.66
Oil-Based 6 colour set $43.33

Speedball Block Printing Tools

Lino Cutter Blades

Lino cutting blades fit interchangeably into the Speedball Lino Cutter Handle. The regular style blades come in 6 shapes/sizes, for traditional carving where carving force is applied away from the user's body. The Zip Cutter style blades provide a safer alternative. Their "bent" design, means that the carving force is applied in the opposite direction, towards the user. This allows for greater control and reduces the likelihood of accidental slips and injuries. Please note: all of these tools are sharp and can easily cut skin. Great care should be exercised when using any sharp tool.

#1 Small V Blade #4 Square Gouge #21 Zip Cutter Small V #25 Zip Cutter Large U
#2 Large V Blade #5 Large U Gouge #22 Zip Cutter Large V  
#3 Small U Gouge #6 Knife #23 Zip Cutter Small U  

Lino Cutting Blades - $2.66 each
Lino Cutting Blades (2 packs) - $5.12 per pack (available in #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)
Lino Cutter Handle $7.28 each
Lino Cutter Assortment #1 (handle and 5 lino cutters) $20.04 each
Lino Cutter Assortment #2 (2 handle and 6 lino cutters) $29.16 each


Allows artist to apply even pressure on page for a better ink image. Suitable for hand-printing, this heavy-duty baren with a 4" diameter, offers shock absorbency,smooth slide and washability for long wear
Speedball Artist Baren - $35.16 each
Red Baron Starter Baren - $16.86 each


Excellent for scrapbooking and other craft applications, these brayers feature removable rollers for easy cleaning with a comfortable handle.
Acrylic Brayer. 4" Roller is made of clear acrylic for gluing applications(rubber cement or wax will not stick to roller) $21.05 each.
Rubber Brayer. Roller is made of soft rubber which creates excellent tack for ink. Two sizes:
1.5" Rubber Brayer #70 SOFT - $18.43 each
2" Rubber Brayer #71 SOFT - $19.45 each

3" Rubber Brayer #73 SOFT - $21.29 each
4" Rubber Brayer #49 HARD - $17.29 each
4" Rubber Brayer #51 HARD - $19.45 each
4" Rubber Brayer #64 SOFT - $23.29 each
4" Rubber POP-IN Brayer HARD - $11.95
4" Rubber POP-IN Brayer SOFT - $16.56 each
4" Acrylic Brayer - $23.42 each
6" Rubber Brayer #66 SOFT - $26.01 each

Carving Blocks

Speedball Speedy Cut and Speedy Carve

High density rubber blocks provide a fast and easy carving surface for students, printmakers and stamp carvers. The Speedy Cut block is slightly thicker, which allows a shallow design to be carved into both sides.The Speedy Carve block is very flexible and durable and will not crack, crumble or break. Speedy Carve easily transfers a range of images from ink jet printers,clip art and newspapers. The Speedy Cut Easy blocks are very smooth and easy to carve. Flexible, will not crumble or break. Use slightly warm iron to transfer ink-jet and laser-print images.

Type Size Price
Speedy Cut (Beige) 4" x 5 1/2" x 3/8" $5.41
Speedy Cut (Beige) 6 3/4" x 11" x 3/8" $17.12
Speedy Carve (Pink) 3" x 4" (Special Order) $4.76
Speedy Carve (Pink) 4" x 6" $7.87
Speedy Carve (Pink) 6" x 12" $23.12
Speedy Carve (Pink) 9" x 12" (Special Order) $33.62
Speedy Carve (Pink) 12" x 12" (Special order) $46.15
Speedy Cut Easy Carve (Blue) 4" x 6" $5.71
Speedy Cut Easy Carve (Blue) 6" x 11" $17.58

Linoleum Blocks

Red Baron® Linoleum Blocks - Speedball is now offering traditional "battleship" gray linoleum available in a wide range of sizes. 1/8" thick blocks have a jute backing. Ideal for use with either oil or water-soluble block printing inks.

Size Price Size Price
3" x 4" $1.51 9" x 12" $11.64
4" x 6" $2.56 12" x 18" $17.29
5" x 7" $3.77 18" x 24" $49.30
6" x 8" $4.99    
8" x 10" $8.69    


Block Ink Retarder-slows ink drying time, while maintaining viscosity.
37cc tube $6.20 each
Block Ink Extender-maintains viscosity and increases ink transparency to increase application options.
37cc tube $6.20 each

Please check with our staff for the current availability of all products.

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