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Sculpture Supplies:

Van Aken Plastalina Modelling Clay - $5.75 per block

Pigmented oil based modeling compound renowned throughout the world for its smooth consistency and brilliant color range. Never hardens, remains pliable and plastic. Preferred by sculptors, model makers, clay animators and artists of all ages. Cello wrapped. The finest colored modeling clay available. $4.75 each.
Assorted colours:
white, black, grey, brown, beige flesh, golden ochre, orange, yellow, red, ultra blue, turquoise sky, green, dark green, violet, magenta. Please call or stop by the store to inquire about the availability of colours.

Plastalina Claytoon 4-colour Modelling Clay Packs - $6.25 per pack

Plastalina is also available in assorted 4-colour packs. Packs consist of 1/4lb blocks of 4 different colours.
Available sets:
Cool Colours - Ultra Blue, Turquoise Sky, Green, Violet
Hot Colours - Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta
Earth Colours - Beige Flesh, Brown, Terra Cotta, Dark Green
Neutral Colours - Brown, Ivory, Grey, Black
Pastel Colours - Mint(Pastel Green), Pink, Pastel Yellow, Baby Blue
Primary Colours - Red, Yellow, Ultra Blue, Green

Amaco Air-Dry Clay

These moist clays are ready to use for sculpture, hand modeling or thrown on a potter’s wheel. Finished pieces can be allowed to air dry or fired in a kiln to Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C).
Gray 10lb Block - $18.75
Gray 25lb Block - $34.65

Das air-dry clay:

This air-hardening clay is fun and safe for kids age 4 and over! It can be sculpted by hand or you can use simple tools to create a range objects. It can also cover frames made from different materials (wire, wood etc.) The clay will air dry within 24 hours. Das air-dry clay does not flake, is easy to remove from moulds and, after hardening, can be painted, varnished, polished and cut. Available in two colours:

Das 1.1 lb (0.5 kg) white or terra cotta $6.50 each
Das 2.2 lb (1 kg) white or terra cotta $12.85 each

Oven bake Original Sculpey products:

Sculpey is soft and pliable, works and feels like ceramic clay, but will not dry out when exposed to air. Shape it into your desired form and bake according to package instructions. Once cool, it can be sanded, drilled, carved, and painted with waterbased acrylics or glaze.
Hint: Conditioning of all polymer clays may be facilitated with the use of a pasta machine. Simply cut the block in half and feed each half through the largest setting. Repeat 10 times more and your clay should be conditioned.

Original Sculpey 1.75 lb in white or terra cotta: $20.89 each

Super Sculpey:

In response to the popularity of Sculpey, Super Sculpey was formulated to provide greater tensile strength. Like Sculpey, Super Sculpey is an easy to condition polymer requiring minimal hand kneading or rolling through a pasta machine to prepare for use. It features fine tooling and detailing characteristics, and does not "fill in" after tooling. After curing, Super Sculpey bakes to a ceramic-like hardness (shatter and chip resistant) and can be sanded to a fine smoothness. If you opt to paint your cured piece, we recommend acrylic paint or the application of water based glaze prior to painting with oils. Paint should be applied in thin washes rather than thick coats for the best paint to clay bond. Available in translucent pink-beige.

1lb - $24.29 each

Transluscent Liquid Sculpey:

The bakable transfer & colour medium. Can be used for image transfers of black & white photocopies or coloured pencil drawings. Also, add oil paint or dry pigment for glazes, washes or mosaic grouts. Can also be used as a polymer to polymer glue/adhesive for unbaked clay.

8oz bottle - $21.89

Rappit Plaster Bandage:

This medical grade tape features linen of the highest quality and an even deposit of plaster throughout each roll, offering a smooth durable finish within minutes. It is great for body casting, mask making, dioramas and even model train backgrounds.
Four sizes:
4” x 270 feet (10lb roll) $79.16 per roll (ideal for larger projects or for the classroom)
4" x 15 feet $8.50 each
4” x 25 feet (16oz, 9 sq. feet) $11.50 each
8” x 15 feet $17.25 each

Plaster Mix:

Arctic White - 1kg $3.95

Envirotex Liquid Latex:

This liquid latex rubber is ideal for making molds to cast resin, plaster, candle wax and concrete. Use as directed.

16oz - $38.85
32oz - $65.65

EnviroTex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish

The original two-component polymer coating. One thick coat equals up to 50 coats of varnish. Professional results are quick, simple and easy. Just measure, mix and pour. Solvent free formula is 100% solids and has no unpleasant odors! These unique characteristics make it the perfect finish for decoupage, bar and table tops, plaques, diplomas, photographs, etc. Envirotex Lite has the longest working time (25 minutes plus) of all two component polymers with excellent hardness when cured.

8oz.: $30.95
16oz.: $51.45
32oz.: $84.45

Assorted Tools:

We have a variety of individual clay working tools made of solid wood or wood handled, for $2.95 each

Art Advantage Pottery Tool Value Pack (with apron) - $22.75/set

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