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Waterford Watercolour Papers

Waterford Watercolour Paper
St. Cuthbert's Mill in England, makers of fine paper for artists and printmakers for over 250 years, have produced numerous professional and student quality papers. This popular and versatile watercolour paper is made from 100% long cotton fibre (acid free) and is buffered with calcium carbonate. Waterford paper is gelatin tub sized and internally sized for added strength. This creates a surface that is highly resistant to fibre lift when removing masking materials and receptive to multiple watercolour washes. The paper can withstand multiple erasions when using pencil or charcoal and lines will not feather when pen and ink is applied.

Size Weight Price
22 x 30 300lb Cold Press $18.95
22 x 30 200lb Cold Press $13.95
22 x 30 140lb Cold Press $9.26
22 x 30 140lb Hot Press $9.26
22" x 30" 90lb Cold Press $6.10
22 x 30 90lb Hot Press $6.10

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