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Printmaking Papers

Printmaking Papers

Like watercolour papers, printmaking papers are available in a variety of sizes, quality and content. Unlike watercolour papers however, printmaking papers have a softer, less durable surface and contain very little or no sizing. These two characteristics make them ideal for prints but unsuitable for most painting and drawing unless a soft, dull appearance is desired from coloured pencils, acrylics or Oriental watercolours. Be sure to check our other paper listings for additional sources of printmaking (multimedia) papers. Great printmaking papers include the following options. Click to learn more about the papers and pricing:

This 100% cotton, neutral pH paper has a vellum surface and two natural deckle edges. Folio (Brite White) is an excellent paper for silkscreening,offset litho, etching, embossing, pastel, drawing, charcoal and pencil.

Size  Weight  Price
22" x 30"  250 GSM $4.45

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