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Japanese Printmaking Papers

In addition to our selection of printmaking papers from Arches, Rising Stonehenge, Somerset, and B.F.K Rives, we are happy to add this assortment of specialty printmaking papers from Japan. The term 'rice paper' is often a misnomer as rice rarely plays a part in the manufacture of papers in Asia. Quite often, unryu papers are often confused with what people believe to be “rice papers”. The term unryu (meaning “cloud dragon paper” in Japanese), is characteristic of paper containing strands of fibre that are added to the sheet to create contrast and texture.

Japanese paper (or washi) is typically thin, strong paper made from vegetable fibers. Japanese tissue may be made from one of three plants, the kozo plant (Broussonetia papyrifera, paper mulberry tree), the mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha) shrub or the gampi tree (Diplomorpha sikokiana). The long, strong fibers of the kozo plant produce very strong, dimensionally stable papers, and are the most commonly used fibers in the making of Japanese paper. Tissue made from kozo, or kozogami, comes in varying thicknesses and colors, and is an ideal paper to use in the mending of books. The majority of mending tissues are made from kozo fibers, though mitsumata and gampi papers also are used.

NEW! Japanese Paper Rolls

Description Texture & Colour Size and weight Price
JPP Shoji Paper Roll - BASIC Off White, Medium Tooth 37in. x 7.5 yards, lightweight $26.00
JPP Shoji Paper Roll - NATURAL Off White, Medium Tooth 39in. x 32ft, lightweight $99.50
Kozuke White Off White, Medium Tooth 40in. x 6 yards, lightweight $42.95
Ginwashi Tissue Off-White Off White, Medium, Fibre Inclusions 38in. x 10m, lightweight $86.25
Classic Kitikata Roll Natural, Smooth 16in. x 32ft, lightweight $49.95
Okawara Jumbo Sheet Off White, Medium Tooth 40in. x 6ft, lightweight $22.95

Classic Kitakata Gampi Smooth Ginwashi Tissue
Classic Kitikata - $3.60 per sheet Gampi Smooth - $7.95 per sheet Ginwashi Tissue - $5.75 per sheet
Natural colour, 100% Philippine gampi, 16" x 21", 35g. Smooth, natural-toned background with small, dark inclusions of gampi bark. Machine made. Cream colored, 100% gampi. 25" x 37", 32g. White, 100% abaca with short fibres. 24" x 38", 30g.
Ginwashi Heavy Iwami Natural Kozuke Ivory
Ginwashi Heavy Weight - $9.65 per sheet Iwami Natural - $8.75 per sheet Kozuke Ivory - $5.45 per sheet
Heavy weight, 100% abaca with long fibres. 24" x 38", 48g Natural colour. 80% kozo, 20% sulphite content. 24" x 39", 24g. A good quality, versatile sheet for painting, drawing, and printmaking. Sized. Off-white, ivory colour. 25" x 37", 44g.
Kozuke White Mura Koban Okawara Small
Kozuke White - $5.45 per sheet Mura Koban - 7.95 per sheet Okawara Small - $4.95 per sheet
A good quality, versatile sheet for painting, drawing, and printmaking. Sized. Bright white colour. 25" x 37", 44g. natural colour, lightly textured surface. 100% kozo. 13" x 16.5", 40g. Natural colour. 25% kozo, 75% sulphite. 17.5" x 25", 40g.
  Tengu-jo tissue Usu Kuchi
  Tengu-jo Tissue - $5.75 per sheet Usu Kuchi - $6.25 per sheet
  100% kozo, lightweight tissue. 25" x 37", 12 g. Great for dyeing, as text pages, printmaking and chine colle. Very absorbent, highly translucent, unsized and machine-made. Natural colour, 100% Thai kozo. 25" x 37", 31g.

Unryu Tissue - Heavy

Colour & Fibre Content Size   Weight   Price
kozo & sulphite
25" x 37" 35g $4.00


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