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Holbein Acrylic Ink

  • Holbein Acrylic ink, is the next modification of Holbein Aeroflash Liquid Acrylics. which are professional-quality colors with exceptional brilliance and permanence. They contain high-density pigments ground to fine-grain size (0.001–0.004 mm) in an acrylic resin manufactured to the uniform viscosity most suitable for airbrush use.
  • The result is deep, clear colors of non-toxic archival permanence that will not clog even a 0.1 mm aperture airbrush or tech pen. The colors may also be used with a brush.
  • This Acrylic ink utilizes a pure watersoluble acryl base that ensures no shift in color tone from wet to dry. It can be diluted with water, but is water-resistant when dry.

30 ml bottles - All 50 colours available

Series A B C D E
Price $9.50 $10.60 $12.30 $15.95 $19.50

100 ml bottles - Select colors with an asterisk (*) available in 100ml

Series A B C
Price $19.95 $23.95 $28.95

colorless quin crimson quin red naphthol red deep naphthol red pyrrole red
Colorless Quinacridone Crimson Quinacridone Red Naphthol Red Deep Naphthol Red Pyrrole Red
Series A Series D Series D Series B Series B Series C
pyrrole orange isonidolinone yellow imidazolone yellow hansa yellow hansa yellow lemon nickel azo yellow
Pyrrole Orange Isoindolinone Yellow Imidazolone Yellow Hansa Yellow Hansa Yellow Lemon Nickel Azo Yellow
Series C Series C Series C Series B Series B Series D
yellow ochre phthalo green viridian hue shadow green hookers green sap green
Yellow Ochre Phthalo Green Viridian Hue Shadow Green Hookers Green Sap Green
Series A Series B Series B Series D Series B Series C
bamboo green oxide of chromium phthalo turquoise phthalo blue indanthrone blue bobalt blue
Bamboo Green Oxide of Chromium Phthalo Turquoise Phthalo Blue Indanthrone Blue Cobalt Blue
Series B Series C Series B Series B Series C Series E
ultramarine blue dioxazine violet mauve quin magenta burnt sienna burnt umber
Ultramarine Blue Dioxazine Violet Mauve Quinacridone Magenta Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber
Series A Series C Series C Series C Series A Series A
raw sienna raw umber imidazolone brown quin gold sepia lamp black
Raw Sienna Raw Umber Imidazolone Brown Quinacridone Gold Sepia Lamp Black
Series A Series A Series C Series D Series B Series A
titanium white super opaque white primary magenta primary yellow primary cyan primary black
Titanium White Super Opaque White* Primary Magenta* Primary Yellow* Primary Cyan* Primary Black*
Series A Series C Series B Series B Series B Series B
primary white pearl white pearl gold pearl silver luminous opera luminous lemon
Primary White* Pearl White Pearl Gold Pearl Silver Luminous Opera Luminous Lemon
Series B Series D Series D Series D Series C Series C
greenish yellow deep green        
Greenish Yellow Super Opaque Black *        
Series D SeriesC        

Refillable Empty Markers

6mm 15mm 30mm 50mm
$8.25 $9.25 $11.75 $13.75

Refillable Marker Nibs

6mm 15mm 30mm 50mm
$8.50 $8.50 $8.50 $8.50


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