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Higgins Drawing Inks

Higgins Drawing Inks

Artist-quality colors available in beautiful Fadeproof Pigment inks or in Waterproof Dye inks - perfect for sketching, drawing, writing, and mixed-media. Specialty inks include unique formulations designed for calligraphy, fountain pens, and paper.

Higgins Fadeproof Pigmented Drawing Inks - $8.75 each

Completely light fast and nonfading. Rich, vivid, opaque colors for use with airbrush, technical pen or brush. Colors can be mixed with Black Magic and Superwhite or diluted to produce an infinte range of tints and shades. Unbreakable bottle. Available in 1oz bottles. Pigment-based colorant.

Blue Green Red  
Brown Lemon Yellow Violet  
Carmine Magenta Yellow  

Higgins Drawing Inks - $10.25 each

Superior for use with art and drafting instruments and brushes. Higgins inks may be thinned with water for washes and are excellent for use with airbrushes. Superwhite, White, Neutral Grey and Russet are waterproof. All colors come in non-breakable, 1 oz. bottles with dropper tops. Dye-based colorant.

Blue Brown Red Scarlet White

Set of 4 Drawing Inks (Superwhite, White, Neutral Grey, Russet) - $39.75

Higgins Drawing Inks & Cleaners

Product Price
Higgins Black Ink (non-waterproof) - 1oz $8.75
Higgins Black Magic Drawing Ink (pigment based, waterproof, fadeproof) - 1oz $8.75
Higgins Black India Ink - 1oz $8.75
Higgins Calligraphy Ink (waterproof) - 2.5oz $9.05
Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink (dye based, non-waterproof) - 2.5oz $9.05
Higgins Fountain Pen Black India Ink(non-waterproof) - 2.5oz $9.05
Higgins Eternal Ink (Archival, carbon based) - 2.5oz $8.75
Higgins Liquid Pen Cleaner - 2.5oz $12.05
Higgins Super White Pigmented Drawing Ink - 1oz $11.95

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