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M. Graham Watercolors

M. Graham & Co. Watercolors

M. Graham watercolors are made with Northwest blackberry honey, recalling the practice of early artists who drew from nature for their materials as well as their subjects. This traditional base creates willing watercolors ready for your brush, that yield even, fluid washes. Honey also allows for stronger, truer colors. With a complete range of pleasing pigments, from delicate tints to dark, concentrated colors, you’ll discover more color possibilities with M. Graham watercolors. Handmade with pure honey, gum arabic, glycerine and the most lightfast pigments available, each color in M. Graham & Co.'s Watercolor line is individually crafted to develop its own unique character. Because of its love of moisture, honey absorbs water from the atmosphere. Colors made with honey do not dry up in the tube or on the palette and always dilute easily, often after months or years of disuse. Honey has been used extensively throughout the history of art as an ingredient in water-based colors of all types. Available in 70 brilliant colours.

Why Honey?

Artists’ use of honey in watercolors can be traced back centuries. Today, modern watercolorists are rediscovering the many advantages of honey-based paints. Thanks to honey’s natural properties, we can avoid artificial humectants and preservatives in our paints, instead infusing more color. Honey’s viscosity offers artists a smooth, easy application. And, because of honey, our watercolors dilute easily—even after months of disuse—and resist hardening on the palette or in the tube.




Basic Set of 5 Colors

(5 x 15ml tubes)

1 $11.75   $79.95 Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Azo Yellow
2 $12.98      
3 $14.90      
4 N/A      
5 $20.95      

Alizarin Crimson 2 Hansa Yellow Deep 2 Pyrrol Red 3
Anthraquinone Blue 3 Hansa Yellow 2 Quinacridone Red 3
Azo Green 3 Hookers Green 2 Quinacridone Rose 3
Azo Orange 2 Indian Yellow 3 Quinacridone Rust 3
Azo Yellow 2 Ivory Black 1 Quinacridone Violet 3
Bismuth Yellow 2 Lamp Black 1 Raw Sienna 1
Burnt Sienna 1 Manganese Blue Hue 3 Raw Umber 1
Burnt Umber 1 Maroon Perylene 3 Sap Green 2
Cadmium Orange 5 Mineral Violet 3 Scarlet Pyrrol 3
Cadmium Red 5 Naphthol Red 2 Sepia 1
Cadmium Red Deep 5 Naples Yellow 2 Terra Rosa 1
Cadmium Red Light 5 Neutral Tint 1 Titanium White Opaque 1
Cadmium Yellow Deep 5 Nickel Azo Yellow 3 Transparent Red Iron Oxide 2
Cadmium Yellow 5 Nickel Quinacridone Gold 3 Transparent Orange Iron Oxide 2
Cadmium Yellow Light 5 Olive Green 2 Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide 2
Cerulean Blue 3 Paynes Gray 1 Turquoise 2
Cerulean Blue Deep 3 Permanent Alizarin Crimson 5 Ultramarine Blue 3
Chinese White 1 Permanent Green Light 2 Ultramarine Violet Deep 3
Cobalt Blue 5 Permanent Green Pale 2 Ultramarine Violet 3
Cobalt Green 5 Phthalo Blue 2 Ultramarine Pink 3
Cobalt Teal 5 Phthalo Blue-Red 2 Viridian Green 3
Cobalt Violet 5 Phthalo Green 2 Yellow Ochre 1
Dioxazine Purple 3 Phthalo Green-Yellow 2    
Gamboge 2 Prussian Blue 2    

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