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M. Graham & Co. Oil Mediums

The use of walnut-based oil colour and mediums dates back to the 5th century. Renaissance Masters such as Albrecht Durer, Leonardo da Vinci,Titian and later, Rubens and Van Dyck among others used nut oil interchangeably with linseed oil. Walnut oil combined with alkyd resin gives the artist greater freedom and control over all types of applications. While still a rapid drying medium, walnut alkyd allows more open time than other alkyd mediums for detailed areas or rich glazes with the advantage of uniform drying time between colors. It provides a traditional light bodied, sun thickened oil for easy blending and self leveling, enamel-like transparent glazes or free-flowing opaque brush strokes. The discoloration often associated with linseed oil is eliminated, allowing colours to retain their brilliance. The Walnut Alkyd resin creates a flexible, non-yellowing and highly durable surface. M. Graham & Co. Mediums-Walnut Oil and Walnut Alkyd-are an environmentally responsible choice. Both mediums are completely free from all solvents. This allows brushes to be cleaned in walnut oil then soap and water. 

  4oz 8oz 32oz
Walnut Alkyd Medium $11.30 $17.35 $60.45
Walnut Oil $9.35 $15.35  

Please refer to our M. Graham & Co. Oil Colours page for prices and product information

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