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M. Graham & Co. Oil Colour

The use of walnut-based oil colour and mediums dates back to the 5th century. Renaissance Masters such as Albrecht Durer, Leonardo da Vinci,Titian and later, Rubens and Van Dyck among others used nut oil interchangeably with linseed oil. M. Graham & Co. Oil Colour is free from the yellowing, cracking and streaking often associated with linseed oil while offering greater freedom of application than poppy seed oil and superior pigment concentrations. These quality, handmade oils are completely compatible and safely intermixable with all other artists colours and mediums.  M. Graham & Co. mediums-Walnut Oil and Walnut Alkyd-are an environmentally responsible choice. Please refer to our M. Graham & Co. Oil Mediums page for prices and product information.


Series Colour Lightfastness NEW COLORS! Series  
II Alizarin Crimson * III Azo Coral V  
Va Anthraquinone Blue I Azo Orange V  
Va Anthraquinone Red I Bismuth Yellow VI  
Va Azo Green I Chroma Black II  
III Azo Yellow * I Chromium Oxide Green III  
I Burnt Sienna * I Chrome Tin Yellow III  
I Burnt Umber * I Cobalt Green VI  
VI Cadmium Orange I Cobalt Teal VI  
VI Cadmium Red * I Cobalt Turquoise VI  
VI Cadmium Red Deep I Emerald Green II  
VI Cadmium Red Light * I Green Earth I  
VI Cadmium Yellow * I Hansa Yellow Deep II  
VI Cadmium Yellow Deep I Maroon Perylene V  
VI Cadmium Yellow Light * I Mineral Violet IV  
VI Cerulean Blue I Nickel Azo Yellow III  
VI Cobalt Blue * I Nickel Quinacridone Gold IV  
III Dioxazine Purple II Permanent Green Pale III  
II Hansa Yellow (Lemon) II Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade III  
iV Indian Yellow I Phthalocyanine Green Yellow Shade III  
I Ivory Black * I Pyrrol Red IV  
I Lamp Black I Quinacridone Rust V  
II Manganese Blue Hue I Scarlet Pyrrol V  
I Mars Black I Titanium White (with Sunflower Oil) I  
III Naphthol Red * II Ultramarine Purple II  
I Naples Yellow I Warm White (Unbleached Titanium) I  
III Olive Green I      
I Paynes Gray I      
III Permanent Green Light * I      
III Phthalo Blue * I      
III Phthalo Green * I      
I Prussian Blue I      
IV Quinacridone Red I      
IV Quinacridone Rose I      
IV Quinacridone Violet I      
I Raw Sienna * I      
I Raw Umber * I      
V Sap Green Permanent I      
I Terra Rosa (Venetian) I      
I Titanium White * I      
I Titanium White (Alkyd) * I      
III Transparent Orange Iron Oxide I      
III Transparent Red Iron Oxide I      
III Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide I      
III Turquoise i      
II Ultramarine Blue * I      
II Ultramarine Violet I      
I Van Dyke Brown I      
VI Viridian I      
I Yellow Ochre * I      
I Zinc White * I      

*also available in a 5oz(150ml) size. Series numbers change between 37ml and 150ml to reflect size difference.

M. Graham & Co. Oil Colour Lightfastness Rating:
I Excellent
II Very Good
III Acceptable (Pale tints may fade in direct sunlight)

Series 37ml tube 150ml Tube
I $9.98 $21.95
II $14.45 $21.95
III $14.75 $29.95
IV $16.29 $43.35
V $19.99 $44.25
VI $29.55 $88.55

Please refer to our M. Graham & Co. Oil Mediums page for prices and product information.

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