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gels and mediums
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GOLDEN Mediums offer a range of possibilities for the artist. Golden Gels and Mediums can also be used as an adhesive for collage projects. Check out this video for more information on using Golden Gels and Mediums as adhesives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCPO-VJQB1s






































Series A

Series B

Series C

Gloss Glazing Liquid
Satin Glazing Liquid
Silkscreen Medium
Isolation Coat

Airbrush Medium
GAC 100
GAC 200
GAC 500
GAC 800
Molding Paste
Hard Molding Paste
Light Molding Paste
Color Pouring Medium Gloss
Color Pouring Medium Matte
Fluid Matte Medium
Matte Medium


Series D

Series E

Series G

High Flow Medium
GAC 400
GAC 900 (Heat Set Medium)
Clear Leveling Gel
Soft Gel Gloss
Soft Gel Matte
Soft Gel Semi-Gloss
Regular Gel Gloss
Regular Gel Matte
Regular Gel Semi-Gloss
Heavy Gel Gloss
Heavy Gel Matte
Heavy Gel Semi-Gloss
Extra Heavy Gel Gloss
Extra Heavy Gel/Molding Paste
Coarse Pumice Gel
Extra Coarse Pumice Gel
Fiber Paste
Crackle Paste
Gloss UV Topcoat
Semi-Gloss UV Topcoat
Gloss Medium

Wetting Agent
Extra Heavy Gel Semi-Gloss
Fine Pumice Gel
Glass Bead Gel
Clear Tar Gel
Sandable Hard Gesso
Absorbent Ground
Black Gesso
Pastel Ground
Super Matte Medium

Extra Heavy Gel Matte
High Solid Gel Gloss
High Solid Gel Matte
Clear GRanular Gel

Gel Mediums offer a range in consistency from pourable to moldable. They may be used to create glazes, extend paints, build texture, change finishes and work as a gluing agent for collages.

Soft Gels are thinner than Heavy Body Acrylic Colours and can be poured. When mixed with a small amount of colour they produce a brilliant glaze. Soft gels can be used as a base for the wet blending of colour or as a glue for collage work.

Regular Gels are creamy like Heavy Body Acrylic colours. Ideal for extending paint and regulating transparency without changing the consistency. Use for impasto glazing effects.

Heavy Gels are thicker than Heavy Body Acrylic colours and may be blended with colours to increase body. Excellent for holding peaks.

Extra Heavy Gels, along with High Solid Gels, are Golden's thickest gels. Extra Heavy Gel / Molding Paste, a blend of Extra Heavy Gel and Molding Paste, dries to a satin, semi-opaque finish and blends well with colours.

Clear Tar Gel yields a sticky, tar-like feel in a colourless gel. Clear Tar Gel is useful for generating fine detailed lines by "dripping" it over surfaces, as it continuously flows from palette knives or other tools. Clear Leveling Gel produces an even film with excellent clarity. The gel has a unique resinous, stringy consistency resulting form the leveling property. It dries to a flexible, high gloss film.

Pumice Gel offers various grades of gritty textures which dry to hard films. To increase flexibility, mix in other GOLDEN Gels or Mediums. Pumice gels mix well with Golden Acrylic colours. Fine Pumice Gel creates fine, textured surfaces. Coarse Pumice Gel and Extra Coarse Pumice Gel create more coarse granular textures to yield concrete-like finishes.

Clear Granular Gel offers excellent clarity and durability. It has the consistency of our Extra Coarse Pumice Gel without distorting the colour. Glass Bead Gel is coarse, textured and has the same viscosity as a Heavy Body acrylic. Made with genuine glass beads, its unique visual effect is best seen in thin films. It can appear very similar to Coarse Pumice Gel or Clear Granular Gel when mixed with enough paint to hide the appearance of the glass beads.

Molding Paste provides a hard opaque, matte finish. Although still flexible, it is more rigid than the Gels, and holds stiff peaks. Light Molding Paste offers dramatic weight reduction when building thick layers of acrylics. It dries to an opaque, matte finish, is much softer than Molding Paste and is extremely flexible. Hard Molding Paste dries to an extremely hard opaque film. It can be carved into after drying. Coarse Molding Paste dries to a hard surface that is stiff but flexible with a tooth like fine sandpaper. It is transluscent when applied thinly and accepts wet and dry media.

Fiber Paste offers a dry film that has the appearance of rough hand-made paper. Its absorbent properties make it ideal for acrylic washes. Crackle Paste is a thick, opaque cracking material designed to develop deep fissure-like cracks as it cures. The size and extent of the crackle pattern is dependent on many factors and it should only be used on firm supports.


Gloss Medium is useful for creating glazes, extending colours, enhancing gloss and translucency. Matte Medium is a general purpose medium for extending colour, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. May be used as a ground instead of gesso.

Super Matte Medium is a pourable medium useful for reducing gloss while using only very small amounts. It therefore effects other paint attributes the least. Super-Loaded Matte Medium should alway be blended with other acrylic products.

Fluid Matte Medium is a liquid medium useful for extending colours, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. This product is particularly useful with GOLDEN Fluid acrylics to decrease gloss without altering viscosity. It is also useful as a transluscent ground on canvas.

Airbrush Medium is for modifying Heavy Body, Iridescent, Interference and Fluid Acrylics for spray application. Using the Airbrush Medium will effectively decrease clogging and tip build up. Recommended when spraying artwork on clothing.

Acrylic Glazing Liquid is very useful for creating slow drying glazes for interior applications such as walls, objects and furniture. It is an excellent painting medium as well, particularly for outdoor landscapes.

GAC-100 Universal Acrylic Polymer is useful for diluting and extending colours as well as increasing flexibility and film integrity. Wets out solids more readily than other polymers. Ideal as a primer/sealer.

Color Pouring Mediums help artists to achieve quality results with paint pours. Pouring Mediums are low viscosity, pourable, self-levelling mediums with low-crazing extenders to reduce the chances of cracks and fissures in the finished surface. Mix Heavy Body, Fluid, or High Flow Acrylics into Color Pouring Medium Gloss for an almost opaque, glossy and level appearance. Color Pouring Medium Matte provides a low luster finish on color pours. Colors hold their edges when poured wet into wet. Gently mix 10 parts Color Pouring Medium with 1 part acrylic color, allow mixture to sit covered (ideally overnight) to eliminate air bubbles. Pour close to the surface to reduce air bubbles. Paintings may need to dry for a few days before moving and tenting is recommended. Do not pour thicker than 1/8” (3mm) or attempt to accelerate drying. For detailed instructions on pouring paints, see GOLDEN's detailed article called Understanding the Techniques of Pouring Acrylics in JustPaint.org. 

* many other products available on a custom order basis. Please ask.

golden acrylics |  open acrylics  |  fluid acrylics  |   iridescent and interference heavy body acrylics 
gels and mediums
  |  Special Purpose Acrylic Polymers  |  varnishes  |  High Flow acrylics

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