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Encaustic Supplies:

Stevenson Damar Resin 1lb jar - $23.35

Ecohouse Damar Resin 75g (2.5oz) jar - $14.50

Ecohouse Damar Resin 454g (1lb) bg - $36.50

Stevenson Beeswax, Bleached 1lb brick - $25.00

Jacquard Beeswax, Unbleached 1lb brick - $27.95

Ecohouse White Beeswax Pellets 180g (6oz) jar - $14.95

R&F Encasutic Gesso - R&F’s Encaustic Gesso provides an easy-to-use, water-based ground specifically formulated for use with encaustic paints. This gesso differs from typical acrylic gessos by having a higher proportion of solid to binder, making it highly absorbent while retaining the adhesive qualities of the acrylic. With our Encaustic Gesso you can easily brush or roll on a white ground that quickly dries to a ready-to-paint surface.

16oz - $47.55
32oz - $74.53

The GALLERY / art placement inc.
228 - 3rd avenue south, saskatoon, SK, canada, S7K 1L9

p: 306.664.3931 f: 306.933.2521
e: supplies@artplacement.com


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