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Pentel Ink Pens, Brush Pens, & Refill Cartridges

Pentel Inking Center

A wide range of colors in a fine point fiber-tipped marker that keeps its shape for both thin and thick lines. The ink is vibrant, non-toxic, instant drying and will not bleed through paper.
Available Colors:

Pentel Brush Pens

Pentel Brush Pen BOLD black

Pentel Brush Pen Fine Black

Pentel Brush pens

Pentel Color Brush Refill

Enjoy neat, non-stop drawing and inking on the go with this refillable brush pen system. These pens consist of an ink-filled, squeezable barrel with a durable and long lasting brush tip made of flexible nylon filaments. A variety of lines from fine detail to broad sweeping strokes can be produced, making the brush pen suitable for stylized design work, oriental artwork, calligraphy, cartooning and transparent watercolor effects. Available in fine, medium and bold. Refill ink cartridges are available.

Pentel Brush Pen BOLD
Pentel Brush Pen FINE
Pentel Color Brush BLACK
Pentel Color Brush Black Pigment
Pentel Color Brush FINE Black Pigment
Pentel Color Brush Refill Pigment Black
Pentel Color Brush Refill Water-based Black

Pentel AQUASH Waterbrushes

Pentel Aquash set

pentel aquash waterbrush

pentel aquash waterbrush


The durable, nylon bristles of this self-wetting brush hold a point and can create broad strokes to fine lines. The soft easy-to-squeeze barrel is comfortable to hold and it contains the water needed to create a beautiful watercolor painting. It can be used with watercolor crayons, markers, watercolor pencils and traditional watercolors to smooth and spread color, and create an array of dramatic effects.

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Set of 4

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Black Pigment

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush MEDIUM

Pentel Pocket Brush and Refills

pentel pocket brush

pentel pocket brush refills



Create fine to broad lines with a single brush stroke using the Pocket Brush Pen. It is ideal for painting, cartooning, detailing, drawing and sketching, and refillable with permanent pigment ink. The refill pack contains two black ink cartridges.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen with Refill Cartridges
Pentel Pocket Brush Refill Cartridges (4)

Pentel Hybrid Technica Fine Line Pens

pentel hybrid technica pensl

Pentel hybrid technica pen



Perfect for sketching, drawing, Manga and more, this pen offers smooth, pigmented, archival ink and a tungsten carbide roller tip that guarantees a consistent line from the first to the last drop of ink. The ink is lightfast, bleed-proof, waterproof and fade resistant. Available in sizes: 0.3MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.6MM, 0.8MM, and a set of 5.

individual pens
0.3MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.6MM, 0.8MM

Set of 5 pens
Assorted sizes


Pentel INK Pens

Pentel Duopoint

Pentel fibertip sign pen

Pentel Finito Porous Point Pens

Pentel Slicci Pen

Pentel DUOPOINT Brush Pen

These dual-tip pens contain water-based dye ink that dries quickly and produces rich, black tones. The brush end features a durable nylon brush tip that holds its point and can produce a variety of strokes and effects in illustrations and calligraphy. The other end features a plastic nib tip that allows for fine detail.

Pentel FIBERtip Sign Pen Pigment

Fiber-tipped pens. The durable fiber tips are ideal for artists, architects and anyone who enjoys sketching and drawing. The permanent pigmented ink is acid-free, fade-proof and water-resistant.

Pentel Finito Porous Point Pen

These extra-fine porous point pens contain smooth, liquid ink for easy writing. The permanent ink is fade-resistant, smear-resistant, acid-free and safe for writing checks as it won't bleed through paper. The stylish, clear cap snaps tight to keep the ink from drying out.

Pentel Slicci Pen 0.25MM

Journal and draw in fine detail with ease, thanks to the smooth-flowing gel ink and precise metal tip of the Slicci gel pen. Featuring an extra-fine .25mm point (the smallest point size available in a gel ink pen), these pens are perfect for personalizing paper, cardstock, labels, tags, chipboards and die-cuts.

$15.39Pentel Stylo sketch pen Pentel Tradio fountain pen    

Pentel STYLO Sketch Pen

Featuring a unique, flexible nib for creating fine lines or broad strokes, this non-refillable pen with black ink is ideal for sketching and drawing. Use it to create graphic designs, cartoons, calligraphic lettering and fine detailing.

Pentel TRADIO Fountain Pen

This attractive, refillable fountain pen features an ergonomically sculpted barrel, a see-through free-flowing ink delivery system, and a flexible plastic nib. The nib allows for a variety of line widths, from thick to thin, depending on the angle and pressure applied. It delivers a consistent flow of black ink for smooth, effortless writing and sketching from the first stroke to the last.

Pentel TRADIO Fountain Pen Refill
2 cartridges/pack

Replacement cartridges for the Tradio Foutain Pen. 2 cartridges per pack.



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