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Jacquard Fabric Paints - Lumiere & Neopaque - $7.75 each

Jacquard Fabric paints are opaque and bright, even on dark backgounds and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage. They remain flexible and soft when dry. The Lumiere range offers a broad assortment of metallic, iridescent and pearlescent colours. Neopaque has a similar consistency to Lumiere but are not metallic, designed primarily to cover dark backgrounds with a light application. When used on light or white fabric the colors produce a subtle "designer pallete" alternative, a more intense color scheme. Both Neopaque and Lumiere can be screened, painted, stenciled, marbled, stamped or brushed on with a soft brush. Use on natural and synthetic fibers, leather, wood and paper. Fix on fabric with dry iron or heat. Washable and dry-cleanable. Available in 2.25 fl. oz. bottles. (Some colours also available by Special Order in 8 oz. and 1lb sizes)

Neopaque Colours Lumiere Colours
Flowable Extender Citrine
Yellow Burnt Orange
Golden Yellow Crimson
Magenta Burgundy
Red Grape
Blue Indigo
Turquoise Old Brass
Violet Metallic Rust
Green Gold
Black Pewter
White Bright Gold
Ochre Brass
Russet Sun Gold
Brown Halo Pink Gold
  Halo Blue Gold
  Halo Violet Gold
  Metallic Gold
  Metallic Olive Green
  Metallic Silver
  Metallic Copper
  Metallic Bronze
  Super Sparkle
  Metallic Russet
  Pearl White
  Pearl Violet
  Pearl Blue
  Pearl Turquoise
  Pearl Emerald
  Pearl Magenta
  Hi-Lite Red
  Hi-Lite Violet
  Hi-Lite Blue

Jacquard Procion MX Fabric Dyes - $7.36 each

Use on cotton, rayon, linen and paper. Use it for tie-dye, vat dyeing, batik, airbrush, garment dyeing, screen-printing, spatter painting, gradation dyeing for quilters and more. This cold water concentrated dye, which you add to tap water, is the most vivid of all dyes for cellulose fibers. Procion dyes are permanent, colorfast and very washable. Typically, one 2/3 oz. bottle will dye more than 1 pound of fabric - very bright colors will require more dye, pastel color will require less. Forty colors available in 2/3 oz bottles. Fix with soda ash. (Some colours also available by Special Order in 8 oz., 1lb and 5 lb sizes)

Colour Colour
Antique Gold Hot Pink
Aqua Marine Ice Blue
Avocado Jet Black
Bright Gold Yellow Lemon Yellow
Bright Green Lilac
Brilliant Orange Magenta
Bright Scarlet Marine Violet
Bronze Medium Blue
Brown Rose Midnight Blue
Bubble Gum Navy
Burgundy Olive Green
Carmine Red Pale Aqua
Chocolate Brown Peach
Cobalt Blue Pearl Gray
Deep Purple Raspberry
Ecru Robins Egg Blue
Emerald Green Rust Orange
Fire Engine Red Teal
Forest Green Turquoise
Fuchsia Warm Black

Jacquard Soda Ash

A mild alkali that promotes the chemical reaction between Procion MX fiber reactive dye and cellulose fiber. One pound of soda ash is required to activate and "set" Procion dye for approximately 15 T-shirts.

Soda Ash 1 lb Bag - $5.95
Soda Ash 5 lb Bag - $18.15

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