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Gotrick Liquid Art Mixed Media Panels

Gotrick Mixed media Panels

Gotrick's new Liquid Art Mixed Media Panels are an innovative product specifically designed for use with fluid acrylics, pouring mediums, and resin. Utilizing the same quality materials and construction techniques as our other Gotrick panels (russian birch surface, solid poplar frames), this NEW panel has a special raised edge that contains fluid materials. Designed in conjunction with Demco's NEW acrylic pouring medium. Allows artists to work with a whole new range of fluid and resinous media without overflowing the edges of your support! Come in today to see some of our sample boards. Also makes a great surface for encaustic and collage works. Easily encase materials in acrylic polymer or resin!

Liquid Art Mixed Media Mounted Panels - 3/4" low profile

Size Price Size Price
6" x 6" $11.69 12" x 12" $17.61
8" x 8" $13.40 12" x 16" $19.95
8" x 10" $14.65 16" x 16" $22.77
9" x 12" $15.96 16" x 20" $26.93
10" x 10" $15.42 18" x 24" $31.35
11" x 14" $18.18    

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