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Demco Acrylic Paint

Art Alternatives Studio Acrylics

This economical, heavy-body acrylic paint is made in Canada and very well priced, even for a student-grade paint. Featuring a solid range of 30 colours including iridescent gold and silver as well as 6 fluorescent colours. All pigments except for the fluorescents have been selected for their good to excellent lightfastness. With great strength and excellent mixing results for an incredibly low price, this line of acrylic paints is sure to satisfy beginning painters and professionals looking for an economical paint option. 100% acrylic polymer emulsion, pigment based paint. Vibrant colour range. Excellent opacity. Use straight from the tube or thin with water or acrylic mediums for a variety of application techniques. Permanent, water resistant and flexible when dry. Wet paint cleans up with soap and water.

4 oz Tubes
Basic Colours: $6.35 each
Fluorescent Colours: $6.65 each

Color   Color   Color   Color
Alizarin Crimson   Dioxazine Purple   Raw Sienna   Turquoise
Burnt Sienna   Hooker's Green (Hue)   Titanium White   Green Gold
Burnt Umber   Iridescent Gold   Ultramarine Blue   Portrait Rose
Cadmium Orange (Hue)   Iridescent Silver   Yellow Ochre   Brilliant Purple
Cadmium Red Light (Hue)   Magenta   Fluorescent Blue   Pyrrole Red
Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)   Mars Black   Fluorescent Green   Oxide Red
Cadmium Yellow Light (Hue)   Neutral Gray   Fluorescent Orange   Naples Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue)   Permanent Green Light   Fluorescent Pink   Carbon Black
Cerulean Blue (Hue)   Phthalo Blue   Fluorescent Red   Yellowish Green
Cobalt Blue (Hue)   Phthalo Green   Fluorescent Yellow   Titan Buff
Greenish Yellow   Paynes Grey   Zinc White    

473 ml Jars
Basic Colours - $19.95 each

Color   Color   Color    
Alizarin Crimson   Cadmium Yellow Light (Hue)   Phthalo Blue    
Burnt Sienna   Primary Yellow (Cad Yellow Med Hue)   Phthalo Green    
Burnt Umber   Cerulean Blue (Hue)   Pyrrole Red    
Cadmium Orange (Hue)   Dioxazine Purple   Titanium White    
Cadmium Red Light (Hue)   Green Gold   Turquoise    
Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)   Mars Black   Ultramarine Blue    
Cobalt Blue (Hue)   Permanent Green Light   Yellow Ochre    

Demco 1L Acrylics

1 Litre Jars
Basic Colours - $31.35 each
Fluorescents - $34.45 each

Color   Color   Color   Color
Alizarin Crimson   Cadmium Yellow Light (Hue)   Phthalo Blue   Turquoise
Burnt Sienna   Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue)   Phthalo Green   Titan Buff
Burnt Umber   Cerulean Blue (Hue)   Raw Sienna   Naples Yellow
Cadmium Orange (Hue)   Dioxazine Purple   Titanium White   Fluorescent Green
Cadmium Red Light (Hue)   Mars Black   Ultramarine Blue   Fluorescent Yellow
Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)   Permanent Green Light   Yellow Ochre   Fluorescent Orange
Cobalt Blue (Hue)   Fluorescent Red   Fluorescent Pink   Primary Magenta

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